60 “Don’t Miss” Activities in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater

paddle board olympia


By Kate Scriven

  1. Play at the Hand’s On Children’s Museum

    The Outdoor Discovery Center at the Hands On Children's Museum
    The Outdoor Discovery Center at the Hands On Children’s Museum
  2. Walk the Tumwater Falls Park Trail
  3. Splash in the stream at the East Bay Public Plaza
  4. Beachcomb at Burfoot County Park
  5. Find something sparkly at Bon Lemon
  6. Meet local farmers, grab dinner fixings or eat lunch at the Olympia Farmer’s Market
  7. Explore the Puget Sound at the South Sound Estuarium (new location opening Late July 2014)
  8. Walk the Percival Landing Boardwalk from the 4th Avenue Bridge to the Port
  9. Tour the Percival Plinth Art Installations
  10. Search for shells at Frye Cove County Park
  11. Pose with “The Kiss”
  12. Play in the Heritage Park Fountain
  13. Tour the planes at the Olympic Flight Museum
  14. Find all the monuments and statues on the Capitol Campus
  15. Tour the Governor’s Mansion
  16. Enjoy the Yashiro Japanese Garden
  17. Hike the trails of Watershed Park
  18. Learn where your “flush” goes at LOTT’s WET Science Center
  19. Discover the woods and beach of Priest Point Park

    paddle board olympia
    Tour the sculptures, paddle the bay, play in the park, or climb the tower at Percival Landing.
  20. Relax (or paddle ) at Boston Harbor Marina
  21. Eat Fritters at Lattin’s Cider Mill
  22. Climb the Heritage Park Hill to the Capitol Campus
  23. Float the Deschutes River
  24. Kayak or Paddle Board in the Sound
  25. Eat delicious Olympic Mountain Ice Cream
  26. Slurp Olympia Oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms
  27. Browse unique finds at Red Door Interiors
  28. Attend an event at the Washington Center
  29. Hear the wolves howl at Wolf Haven International
  30. Explore the Prairie at Mima Mounds
  31. Mountain Bike, ride or hike the Capitol Forest Trails
  32. Gaze up at the Capitol Rotunda Dome
  33. Lounge on the Beach at Tolmie State Park
  34. Visit the Thurston County Fair
  35. Ride the Rides at Lakefair
  36. Hike the McLane Creek Nature Trail

    olympia tourism
    Splash in the Heritage Park Fountain.
  37. Climb the Percival Landing Tower
  38. See the Salmon at Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail
  39. See the Salmon on the Fifth Avenue Bridge
  40. Cheer your favorite team at the RAC (Regional Athletic Complex)
  41. Take in an independent film at The Capitol Theater
  42. Pick Blueberries at a local U-Pick Farm
  43. Enjoy a Puget Sound outdoor Happy Hour
  44. Explore the woods or go camping at Millersylvia State Park
  45. Drink a pint and tour the Brewery at Fish Brewing Company
  46. Sip a local latte at Mud Bay Coffee
  47. Sample today’s beans Batdorf and Bronson’s Tasting Room
  48. Walk through history at The Bigelow House
  49. Play at Percival Landing Park
  50. Experience Thurston County history at the Crosby House
  51. Gaze at Mount Rainier from Tumwater Hill Overlook Park

    View Mt. Rainier from Tumwater Overlook Park.
    View Mt. Rainier from Tumwater Overlook Park.
  52. Drive the Thurston County Bountiful Byway
  53. Stroll Around Capitol Lake
  54. Play a game of Pac Man at Old School Pizzeria
  55. View the birds at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
  56. Eat a burger from a local favorites Vans and Eastside Big Toms
  57. Bike the Chehalis-Western Trail
  58. Experience Harlequin Productions theatrical shows at The Historic State Theater
  59. Shop for a unique gift in local shops on Capitol Boulevard downtown
  60. Drink from the original Olympia Artesian Well






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