Yelm Cinema
Yelm Cinemas offers reserved, recliner seating in all theaters. Photo courtesy: Yelm Cinemas

Yelm Cinemas at Prairie Park



Yelm Cinemas
Yelm Cinemas offers unlimited refills on popcorn and soda. Photo courtesy: Yelm Cinemas

Yelm Cinemas 
201 Prairie Park St. NE
Yelm, WA 98597

Yelm Cinemas

Yelm Cinemas Reclining Seats

Yelm Cinemas Offers Auditorium Rentals for First-Run Movies

It’s one thing to watch a movie at home, another thing entirely to see it on the big screen with full surround sound, reclining...

Why Prairie Park is Yelm’s Date Night Headquarters

If you’ve spent any time at the Uptown Lounge, you’ve seen it. The server, balancing a tray with a mysterious concoction covered by a...

Yelm Cinemas’ Popular Popcorn Drive-Thru Event Continues on May 16

Have you found yourself missing nights out at the movies, especially missing a big tub of movie theater popcorn? Well, you’re in...
Yelm Cinemas theater

Yelm Cinemas Goes Back in Time for a Throwback ’80s Week

UPDATE: We are so sorry for the bad news, but the film distributor has pulled our "Top Gun" showing due to the sequel coming...
Yelm Cinemas Jaws feature presentation

Yelm Cinemas Offers Special Screening of Summer Blockbuster ‘Jaws’

Forty-five years ago, Universal Pictures released “Jaws,” forever changing how a generation experienced the ocean. Working with a limited budget, then unknown director Steven...
Yelm Cinemas theater

Yelm Cinemas Offers Sensory Friendly Screening of ‘Toy Story 4’ for Special Needs...

Kasey Gonzalez’s son loves “Toy Story.” Every week, the family watches the first three movies and the six-year-old owns the small, medium and large...

Yelm Cinemas Celebrates 20th Anniversary of The Matrix with March 31 Screening

The last time Yelm Cinemas showed The Matrix, Bill Clinton was President, boy bands like N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys were all the rage...
Prairie Hotel Renovation

Drive 507 After Hours Event to Highlight Renovated Prairie Park Hotel

Angie Evans was at a Yelm Chamber of Commerce meeting when one of the chamber members made a comment,  “I’ve lived here for so...
Yelm Cinemas soda concessions

Yelm Cinemas Gives Options for a Mix of Movie Lovers

Noah Aden loves movies. Older films, new releases - he loves them all. As the manager of Yelm Cinemas, he not only enjoys watching...
Yelm Cinemas Star Wars Solo Premiere stormtroopers

Yelm Cinemas Celebrates Premiere of Solo with Star Wars-Themed Party

Attention Yelm Star Wars fans: Costumed Star Wars Characters are heading your way. On May 25, Yelm Cinemas will host a premiere of Solo:...
Yelm Cinemas Patio 1

Uptown Lounge Welcomes Summer with Patio Opening May 1

As the weather heats up, guests at Yelm’s Uptown Lounge have been asking their servers the same question: “When is the patio open? Can...

Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Gets a Rousing Kick-Off at Yelm Cinemas

In 2017, movie goers may take it for granted that they can reserve tickets online, pick their seats in advance and enjoy the comfort...
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