It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: your dog gets injured late at night on a holiday weekend and needs to be treated right away but your regular veterinary office is closed. Attempting to quell rising panic, you search online and discover a small miracle, right in your own backyard – Olympia Pet Emergency.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays, Olympia Pet Emergency is designed for just such situations. In medical terms, while most veterinary practices are like general practitioners, with long-term relationships and appointments, Olympia Pet Emergency is like the ER.

For more information about Olympia Pet Emergency, visit or call 360-455-5155.

Pet Emergency

Olympia Pet Emergency Answers the Question: Should I Throw a Dog a Bone?

Submitted by Paige Kail, DVM for Olympia Pet Emergency Family steak night? Backyard barbecue? Holiday ham leftovers? In many households it is routine to toss...
Olympia Pet Emergency 2 surgery room

Olympia Pet Emergency’s New Location Provides Better-Than-Ever Service

Olympia Pet Emergency has officially opened their new clinic location at 4441 Pacific Ave SE in Lacey. The move was spurred by the desire...
kennedy creek salmon trail

Symptoms and Prevention of Salmon Poisoning in Dogs

The source of the problem was a mystery. A golden retriever living in a fenced yard on a property near Puget Sound displayed unmistakable...
hot dog

Dr. Burrgren’s Tips to Prevent Dogs from Overheating this Summer

Sun, like snow, is rare enough in the Pacific Northwest that not everyone knows what to do with it when it arrives. In some...
olympia pet emergency

Olympia Pet Emergency’s Head Technician Thrives in Crisis

Like paramedics or EMTs, the professionals who deliver emergency care for animals have certain personality traits. They have to be able to stay calm...

Toxic Slug Bait Poses a Seasonal Danger to Dogs

As any gardener can tell you, slugs are a problem in the Pacific Northwest. They enjoy nothing better than a nice leafy plant or...

Olympia Pet Emergency Warns: Spring Lilies Can be Lethal for Cats

If you want to express your affection for a cat lover, give them a bouquet that doesn’t contain lilies. Otherwise, your gift may not...
olympia pet emergency

Olympia Pet Emergency Saves the Day for Asthmatic Cat

Lorena Dinger was headed from Seattle to Portland to visit family with her cat Molly in tow when disaster struck. It was a hot...

Olympia Pet Emergency Provides ER for Injured and Sick Animals

It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: your dog gets injured late at night on a holiday weekend and needs to be treated right away...
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