As we age, it can be overwhelming to continue to maintain a home or to live alone as family dynamics change. When you or your parent is having trouble keeping up with these demands, it’s a great time to consider assisted living to ease the stress and enjoy life again. Sequoia Senior Living in Olympia prioritizes quality care with their devoted staff and engaging environment featuring regular activities for residents. While it can be scary to make this transition, residents at Sequoia Senior Living agree that if they had known how wonderful it would be, they would have moved in sooner. Stop by or call 360.997.5499 to view the community and learn more about available options.

a patio outside Sequoia Senior Living with table with an umbrella and four chairs
The outdoor area is a popular spot to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air during the year. Photo courtesy: Sequoia Senior Living

Sequoia Senior Living Provides All-Inclusive Care to Support Every Need

Sequoia Senior Living first opened its doors in 1996, and in 2022 underwent an incredible remodel to make the community more modern. This million-dollar investment really revitalized the shared spaces and individual rooms, giving residents a relaxing environment to call home.

They provide assisted living and hospice care, so residents can get the care they need for every phase of aging. “Assisted living provides 24-hour care, 365 days a year, with staff on each floor dedicated to keeping every resident safe and happy,” shares Marketing Director Lark Church. All daily needs are cared for with kindness and support, and each resident is issued a pendant they can press in case of emergency for immediate assistance, any time of the day or night. 

big living room type space with sofas and comfy chairs
Shared spaces are relaxing, warm and inviting with the recent remodel. Photo courtesy: Sequoia Senior Living

In addition to routine care, Sequoia Senior Living also includes housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, and meals throughout the day so you can sit back and relax. Instead of being bogged down with cleaning, cooking, or home repairs, you can spend your time doing the things you really enjoy. “We have a great chef who is very passionate about feeding our residents whatever they need, especially through fresh ingredients and homemade food,” explains Lark. “We have a bus driver to take residents out shopping, to appointments, and even on field trips in the area, such as Lakefair or to see Christmas lights during the holidays.”

These main areas of care are specified individually for every resident to ensure their unique needs are met every day. When a resident is getting ready to move in, the Sequoia Senior Living care team identifies all of their needs and develops a plan to support their daily living and provide whatever assistance is needed. “Every person is different, so our staff work with each person to establish schedules that work for them,” Lark says. “We have a very community-driven environment, so it is really like living with a big family.” The staff are one of the most noteworthy aspects of this close-knit assisted living community, and really make the whole place feel like a big, welcoming home. 

Sequoia Senior Living Keeps Fun and Connection Alive through Activities and Entertainment

Sequoia Senior Living is excited about creating opportunities for residents to explore their passions, take on new hobbies and socialize with their neighbors. “One of the worst things we can do as we get older is isolate ourselves, so we like to help people get connected,” Lark shares. “There are a lot of friendships that are developed here, which is important for mental and emotional health.” Rather than being alone in a big house, residents of Sequoia Senior Living can mingle and mix in the shared spaces, chat together at meal time, or take trips out into the community together. This type of environment can really help with living a full and purposeful life even as mobility and health changes happen.

Senior citizens at long tables with St. Patrick's Day decorations eating Irish food and having bottles of Guiness
Quarterly events make for great fun at Sequoia Senior Living, such as their Irish event for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo courtesy: Sequoia Senior Living

One of the best parts about Sequoia Senior Living is the packed activities calendar, giving residents plenty of opportunities to connect and experience something new. During holidays, the community likes to feature themed gatherings and invites special entertainers to bring the festivities to life. “We have special events quarterly and host a family night every month with entertainment and games,” says Lark. “It’s a time for everyone to come together with their loved ones and enjoy some great food and fun.” Dancers, musicians, and more are invited throughout Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Pierce counties to bring an exciting new vibe to gatherings.

Outside of these featured events, Sequoia Senior Living offers daily and weekly activities for residents to enjoy. Fan favorites like bingo and trivia are offered frequently to bring people together for a little friendly competition, while therapeutic activities like art and chair yoga give residents a space for self-care. Having a consistent calendar gives residents something fun to look forward to in their free time, and creates a natural space for friends to meet and spend quality time together.

large dining space with tables and chairs
The dining area at Sequoia Senior Living is a great space for residents to meet new friends and socialize. Photo courtesy: Sequoia Senior Living

Discover Better Living in Thurston County at Sequoia Senior Living

Sequoia Senior Living is the perfect next step for any senior looking to have more joy and less stress in their life. With their devoted staff, top-notch care, and warm environment, every resident becomes part of a big, happy family. Visit the community today and see how great life can be at Sequoia Senior Living. Learn more on Sequoia Senior Living website or call 360.997.5499 today!

Sequoia Senior Living
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