Marian Argo FaG

Marian Argo: Tumwater’s First Female City Council Member

Today, four women sit on the Tumwater City Council. Despite being among the oldest American communities in Washington State, Tumwater did not elect a...
Prairie Hotel Renovation

Drive 507 After Hours Event to Highlight Renovated Prairie Park Hotel

Angie Evans was at a Yelm Chamber of Commerce meeting when one of the chamber members made a comment,  “I’ve lived here for so...



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Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates Puerto Rico March 2019 Africa Trip

Local Humanitarianism Enacted 3,700 Miles Away with Foot & Ankle Surgical...

When Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates launched their Twelve Months of Giving a few years back, the staff were behind it 100 percent. “We...
Providence Heidi with bulletin board

Providence Delivers Care for the Caregivers

Nurses may not wear capes anymore, but they certainly qualify as super heroes. The demands on their emotional and physical beings are intensified by...


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