For some, working with a family member might sound stressful. What would it really be like to share an office with your aunt, or to be your grandfather’s secretary? This dynamic isn’t for everyone, but some families have found that working together is a dream come true. Carstars of Olympia owner John Paine has been thrilled to have his daughter Haley Paine on board, and she has never felt more connected to her family.

Haley’s high school graduation was a proud moment for John. He knew she would go on to do amazing things- little did he know it would be for his business! Photo credit: Shanna Paine

John has been in the car sales business for over 20 years, so Haley learned a lot about the industry firsthand while growing up. She saw how hard he worked and the frustrations he faced at bigger dealerships, so when he finally had the chance to own his own business, she knew she had to be a part of it. “It became my dream to be part of the family business and see what kind of role I could play,” she says. Haley had already been working at Carstars doing title work off and on throughout high school and college, and after earning her associate degree in arts she knew that she didn’t want to go anywhere else. “Once I started working here full time and I saw how quickly Carstars was growing, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grow alongside it,” she adds.

Haley has now been working full-time at Carstars for the past two years, and she has been loving every minute. She currently serves as a Finance Specialist and has found that the people are what make this industry so enjoyable. “I love getting to connect with people in the community,” Haley says. John’s dream was to offer exceptional start-to-finish service for all of his customers, and Haley has loved being a part of the atmosphere he has created. “I really love being here because I get to spend a lot of time truly getting to know our customers,” she explains. “I actually get to build genuine rapport with people.”

Haley started selling cars at CarStars in 2019. Pictured is Hailey with one of the first trucks she ever sold! Photo credit: John Paine

Rather than being pawned off to three different staff members, customers of Carstars work with one person from the minute they walk through the door to the moment they sign the final paperwork for their new car. “I love getting to do everything from front to back,” Haley says. “I get to learn what they are looking for and stay with them throughout the whole process.” Developing this kind of connection with community members is something Haley really enjoys.

Thanks to their commitment to such exceptional service, Carstars of Olympia is often visited by returning customers. “People come back just to say hi to me,” Haley says. She loves the relationships that are built out of the car-buying experience and feels so fulfilled when people share their gratitude for what they do. Haley knows the value of customers in any business, so she is honored to work somewhere that really sees people and values them as individuals. Her father John has truly created something special, and she is so happy to be a part of it.

There are few things more important than family, so Haley feels lucky to have this chance to connect more and spend more time with hers. “I think there’s something really special about being able to work with family,” she says. Her aunt manages the Carstars in Aberdeen and her grandfather, John’s dad, comes up every summer from Arizona to help out with the trailers. “My grandfather is what got my dad interested in the business,” Haley shares. “I know why it is special for me to work with my dad, so it is really fun to see the same kind of spark in my dad when he is working with my grandfather.”

Haley loves the connection she gets to build with community members. Shaun Leslie was one of her first customers, so she was quite excited about his new truck! Photo credit: Mike Davis

John’s dream after years in the industry was to have something more family-oriented and people-centered so customers could have an experience truly tailored to them. Haley knew that the chance to help her father achieve this goal was too good to pass up. “One of my favorite parts of being here is getting to play a role in this dream of his and knowing I’m making him proud,” she says. Now they get to work together to solve problems and make the experience even better for their customers and their team. Sharing ideas and learning from each other has been one of the best parts of working as a father-daughter duo, and both of them wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Carstars of Olympia is centered around family, people, and service. If you are looking for a new car or RV, you can trust that John, Haley, and all of the other wonderful staff will make you feel right at home throughout the whole process. Contact them or stop by today to become a part of the Carstars family!


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