Mason Health Celebrates Community Support Community Philanthropy and Support for Patient Care

Funds raised purchase new surgical table and two birthing beds for Mason Health Birth Center

people playing golf
This summer, the 2024 Mason General Hospital Foundation Quality Care Open Golf Tournament will take place in Mason County, at the LakeLand Village Golf Course on July 12, 2024. Photo courtesy: Mason Health

In the fall of 2023, Mason Health and Mason General Hospital Foundation (MGHF) saw the return of several community fundraising events, including the Father Daughter Night Out as well as the Business Luncheon & Confections Auction. Coupled with the Give Local Campaign from the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and annual Quality Care Open Golf Tournament that took place in July, proceeds from these events have helped to fund vital equipment, including a new general surgical table and two new birthing beds for the Mason Health Birth Center.

As the spring season approaches, Mason General Hospital Foundation is celebrating these accomplishments, while also looking ahead to future events that further unite the community. Jennifer Capps, chief development and communications officer for Mason Health says that after many in-person fundraising events were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mason Health and MGHF teams are now resetting the course through collaborations with different facets of the community.

line of golf carts in a parking lot
Proceeds from numerous Mason Health fundraising events in 2023, including the annual Mason General Hospital Foundation Quality Care Open Golf Tournament have helped to fund vital equipment, including a new General Surgical Table and new Birthing Beds for the Mason Health Birth Center. Photo courtesy: Mason Health

“It’s very heartwarming to see the community come together for a common goal, to help improve the health in our community, and it’s wonderful to see everyone rally together,” says Capps. “We felt a lot of love and respect from the community during the pandemic and it continues now that we’re recovering. .”  Because of the involvement of our community supporters, event attendees and sponsors we were able to fully fund the equipment for The Birth Center and the Surgical Services department. The total funding required was over $57,000! We are so proud of this work!

Community Sponsors Help To Support the Mission of Mason Health

A common thread connecting these philanthropic events was the strong showing from local community members, businesses, and organizations. In 2023, CDW Healthcare was a Platinum Sponsor and Our Community Credit Union (OurCU) was a Gold Sponsor for the Mason General Hospital Foundation Quality Care Open Golf Tournament that took place at the Eagle’s Pride Golf Course in Dupont.

Josh Jaeger, advanced technology account executive for CDW Healthcare, says events like the golf tournament are a great opportunity for attendees to get outside, network and meet new people with shared goals, while also supporting a good cause. “It’s just awesome to be a part of,” says Jaeger.

People at an Our Community Credit Union booth and pop up tent on a golf green
In 2023, CDW Healthcare was a Platinum Sponsor and Our Community Credit Union was a Gold Sponsor for the Quality Care Open Golf Tournament. Photo courtesy: Mason Health

Amber Trail, director of marketing for OurCU, says the credit union has been a longtime partner of Mason Health and MGHF, and during annual events like the Quality Care Open, it was heartwarming to see different industries join together on the course to contribute toward the new surgical table and birthing beds. Trail adds that it was especially meaningful to help support the Mason Health Birth Center, as many OurCU members are young moms.

“We are lucky enough to be just down the road from the hospital, so we do see that direct impact,” says Trail. “And being involved in the tournament and in the planning process, it really helps us better understand the resources around us so that we can bring that to our membership and community as a full circle, village-type approach.”

Mason General Hospital Foundation’s Community Philanthropy Funds Equipment for Mason Health’s Surgical Services and Birth Center

Inside the Mason Health Birth Center, birthing beds are important equipment for patients and caregivers during the labor and delivery process. Kris Gaa, birth center manager at Mason Health, says replacement beds for the Birth Center are needed because of the heavy wear and tear these beds take while patients are in labor.

Gaa is looking forward to the new beds for the Birth Center and is thankful for the numerous fundraising events, including the 2023 Bikers for Babies event from the Warrior Angel Riders of Lakewood, as well as the Mason General Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund, which is also helping to fund the new beds. And the community support for the Birth Center continues with the upcoming 2024 Bikers for Babies event that is set to take place this August.

many large sponsor banners on a golf course with different sponsor names on them
In 2024, Mason Health is also looking forward to a range of events that help support patient care and further unite the community. Photo courtesy: Mason Health

Lori Genson, intraoperative services manager for Mason Health, says the surgical operating table is a key piece of equipment in an operating room, able to fit different attachments or move positions for a safe and successful operation. The natural lifespan for a surgical table at Mason Health is around 10 to 15 years. After that time period, Genson says the medical equipment companies generally stop carrying replacement parts. When one of the three surgical tables at Mason Health was nearing the end of its lifespan, purchasing a new table became a main fundraising goal.

Genson reports that the new surgical table is installed and working well for both patients and the medical staff, and she is grateful to the Mason Health administration and to Mason General Hospital Foundation for helping to lead these vital fundraising efforts.

“They’ve always been extremely supportive of helping me to get the equipment that is needed to take care of our patients,” says Genson. “In our community, we have such great community support out here, and it really is just an honor to serve people in this community. I feel very grateful.”

Looking ahead, the 2024 MGHF Quality Care Open Golf Tournament will once again take place in Mason County, at the LakeLand Village Golf Course on July 12, 2024, where CDW Healthcare, OurCU and others will continue their sponsorship and support of Mason Health patients and MGHF.

To learn more about the 2024 Quality Care Open Golf Tournament, other upcoming fundraising events, or ways to get involved, visit the Mason Health website.


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