Submitted by Intercity Transit

In partnership with Congresswoman Strickland, Intercity Transit is pleased to announce that we will receive $1,825,950 in Community Project Funding for the of the Zero Fare Bus Stop Access Improvement Project.

This project supports the goal to provide critical access for residents to key services and addresses equity issues by renovating 145 frequently used bus stops to increase transit operating efficiency, reduce passenger travel times, and increase passenger safety and access.

“As a long-time public transit advocate, I recognize that federal resources are needed to make transit safer and more accessible for South Sound residents,” said Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland (WA-10). “These renovations will improve efficiency and decrease travel time, and make public transit a viable option for South Sound seniors, students, and working families.”

Renovations include design changes at the stop pads to facilitate all-door access which complements Intercity Transit’s innovative zero-fare service. Corridors identified for bus stop access improvements are home to some of the most racially, economically, and ethnically diverse communities in the region.

The overall project supports three primary goals:

  1.  Increase the use of public transportation by more people for more of their trips by making bus travel faster and bus stops more accessible and convenient,

  2.  Increase transit operating efficiency which generates cost savings so that IT can provide more service to more people,

  3.  Support efforts of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater to transform old federal highway corridors into people-oriented, mixed-use places where transit, walking, and biking are viable alternatives to driving for more people.

Intercity Transit’s Interim General Manager Emily Bergkamp said: “We are very grateful to Congresswoman Strickland for her continued and steadfast support for Intercity Transit. She is an incredible partner as we work toward our shared goal of having vibrant and mobile communities.”

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