License Plate Shortage Will Require Auditor Licensing Services and Subagents to Issue Temporary Plates


Submitted by Thurston County

Due to a statewide license plate shortage, the Thurston County Auditor’s Office and eight licensing subagents will issue passenger vehicle licensing customers temporary permits. 

The permits will be good for 60 days. Licensing customers will also be issued tabs that they can attach to their metal plates once they are available. Last year, Washington State upgraded its temporary license permits by replacing regular paper for tough, weather-proof material. 

The shortage is only impacting passenger vehicle licensing customers. Truck, trailer and motorcycles licensing customers are not impacted. 

Licensing subagents are private businesses overseen by the County Auditor’s Office. They provide vehicle and vessel licensing services in communities across Thurston County. 

“While we haven’t heard for certain from the state Department of Licensing when metal plates will be available, we hope our customers are patient while we work through this,” said Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor. 

For more information on licensing services in Thurston County, and to find a list of subagents, go to the Thurston County website.

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