Rain or shine, you can be confident you’ll get your Saturday morning exercise when you team up with Lacey Joggernauts. You decide if you want to jog or not. (Get it?!) Runners are welcome, too. People of all ages and fitness levels are invited to check it out. Participants gather around 8:45 a.m. in the Thrive Community Fitness parking lot and can pick from a 5K (3.1 miles) or an 8K (5 miles) route that is pre-mapped for that morning. President Scott Kampen has over 15 different trails that may take people around Capitol City Golf club, on the Chehalis Western Trail, around Chambers Lake or through various neighborhoods.

Over the years, Scott has been involved with various, local running clubs. He wanted to offer something for more people who wanted a chance to get moving but may not be runners. He also wanted to be more inclusive to people with children and strollers. You can even bring your well-behaved and leashed dog. Your four-legged friend will receive its own kerchief and be included as a “Doggernaut.” Everyone picks their own pace.

small tri-colored dog with a red 'Doggernaut' bandana with paw prints on it.
Lacey Joggernauts is open to joggers/walkers and runners of all skill levels. Your dog can join in on the fun and become a Doggernaut. Photo courtesy: Joggernauts

Lacey Running/Walking Group Supports Individual Well Being and Safety

The Lacey Loggernauts provide people with a safe way to jog or walk in a group setting. It can be a time to meet others and move your body in a manner comfortable for you. Groups vary in size, in part depending on the weather, but it always happens. A usual group is 30 people but one Saturday 63 people arrived. One morning it had snowed. Scott showed up. Though there we no other Joggernauts, he stayed to help shovel the Thrive sidewalks. He got in his exercise!

Joggernauts is marking its sixth anniversary this August. Lots of people have felt encouraged to lace up their tennis shoes and get moving. There is no fee to join or to participate. You can come as often as your schedule allows, as there is no pressure to participate every week. “I keep track every Saturday,” says Scott of the people that come. Joggernauts has included many who are in the military, but over time are sent to other parts of the country and world. They can still join virtually and keep their momentum going. Scott notes that there are upwards of 1,100 people nationwide and in other countries who are Joggernauts. “After 10 events, whatever the sequence, they get a free medal,” he adds.

Joggernauts gathers every Saturday morning to do a 5 or 8K walk, run or jog. Families are welcome and there is no cost to participate. Photo courtesy: Joggernauts

Honoring Vets in Fun(d) Raising Joggernaut Event – June 29, 2024

Back in 2018 Lacey Joggernauts decided to do a flag run to honor veterans on Veteran’s Day.
“We had a lot of fun, gave away prizes and had flags,” recalls Scott. Six months later it was Memorial Day and the group again wanted to honor the military. Ultimately, the board realized that a single, annual event, instead of two, for fundraising for a community cause would better utilize people’s time and resources. As the weather goes, often both Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day offered inclement, rainy or cold weather. Now they have a combined single event in the summer.

You can join the annual festivities on Saturday, June 29, 2024. This year Lacey Joggernauts has again partnered with 4 the Fallen. This nationwide organization provides high-impact prosthetics, certified service dogs and adaptive sports programs for veterans at no cost. The goal is to raise $10,000, which equals the price of one prosthetic limb. The $25 registration fee provides you with a race bib and a bit of racing bling. “We will have raffle prizes and various vendors,” says Scott. People can gather at 8:30 a.m. under the canopy to get signed in.

large group of people in a parking lot waiting to start a race. There is a table set up in front of them. Photo courtesy: Joggernauts
Lacey Joggernauts partners with 4 the Fallen for a 5K event that will raise money for special programs for vets. Join the fun on June 29, 2024. Photo courtesy: Joggernauts

Shortly before 9 a.m. there will be announcements and information about 4 the Fallen. There will be singers to get people ready to go and then the countdown. When the Joggernauts complete their 5K walk/run/jog, they can enjoy a number of local vendors with jewelry, salsa, art creations and other fun items. There will be a raffle, snacks and water, too.

Scott moves his body to feel good and be healthful. It’s not just talk. He is committed to ensure that any Joggernaut who shows up on Saturday morning will be greeted and welcomed. The path is set, and all you have to do is show up. In a world where people are experiencing high levels of stress, isolation and disconnect, Joggernauts is an opportunity that awaits you. It’s free, non-judgmental and inclusive.

Fitness Group in Thurston County Uses RunGo App

Joggernauts routes are posted on the RunGo app, but you can also use the app for your own adventures. Join the Joggernaut Facebook group. Give it a jog!

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