Susan McColley can’t say enough good things about the care she received for her knee problem as a patient at Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy in Lacey. “They were so impressive to me,” she says of the staff.  “They are exceedingly engaged in the process, all along your treatment. They are looking for results and if you are headed in the right direction, and that you have no side effects or unexpected impacts from the treatment. They are very concerned that you are not aggravating the injury, or creating new problems.”

“I have referred several people to them,” McColley adds.

Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy patient Susan McColley (pictured) says she received a ‘full circle’ of successful treatment on her knee. Photo courtesy: Susan McColley

Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy Provides a ‘Full Circle Experience’ in Knee Recovery

McColley’s problems began when she overused her knee, couldn’t walk, and wound up in the emergency room. Her primary care physician referred her to physical therapy. She chose Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy because her husband had an exceptionally good experience there for his shoulder treatment.

She says the Penrose Physical Therapy team of Mary Hale and Nicole Marchiori gave her a comprehensive initial evaluation to assess her range of motion, flexibility and strength. They created a plan of remedial-type movement that became progressively more challenging over a 6-week period, plus provided instructions for at-home exercises. “They gave me a wonderful packet of information to take home, for what to do in my home environment to reinforce what they were doing,” McColley says. “That was the most important piece.”

McColley says the staff continually evaluated her tolerances and progress as the treatment plan moved forward. “They provide that full circle experience, so you know you are a major player in your recovery,” McColley says. “They set up goals and give you a tool kit to accomplish them, and then revaluate.”

Team Approach Supports Return to Neck Health for Physical Therapy Patient

McColley says staff also sent regular reports to her physician, plus a final report to clear her. That team approach is also underway with her current physical therapy for her neck issues, where bone spurs, arthritis and misalignment limited her range of motion. Penrose Physical Therapy & Associates staff, along with her physician and chiropractor, are working to improve her neck problems including by sharing information among the treatment team.

“I have had good success,” says McColley of her neck progress. “I am not 100%, and I am still working on it, but I am getting results.”

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Dr. Jennifer Penrose has been a physical therapist since 2001 with a doctorate in physical therapy. She is board certified in orthopedics (OCS) and manual certified (MTC). Penrose Physical Therapy won First place for Best of South Sound in 2023. If you need physical therapy to address pain, or recover from surgery or injuries, visit the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website for information and details.

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