It’s January 2024 – can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were worrying about our computers exploding at the stroke of midnight in 1999, and here it is almost a quarter of a century later! (I realize some of the people reading this weren’t even alive in 1999…). If you’re like me, January is a time to plan out the fun things I want to do during the new year. To help, here is a list of 24 things to do in Thurston County in 2024.

1 – Volunteer at Providence St. Peter Gift Shop

The Providence St. Peter Gift Shop provides comfort and convenience to those visiting or staying at the hospital. They are looking for more volunteers and that could be you in 2024.

2 – See a Show at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts

It’s time to get back out there again! The Washington Center for the Performing Arts has a season full of shows that will have you laughing, crying and foot-tapping. Get tickets to a future performance.

3 – Do a Coffee Tasting

It should be no surprise that in the Pacific Northwest, you can go to a coffee tasting. Dancing Goats Coffee (forming Batdorf & Bronson) lets you experience coffee from around the world with all five of your senses.

4 – Make Some Art

The OlyPlywood Project is inviting anyone to make a piece of art to hang on 200 feet of fence line at the corner of Carlyon Avenue SE and Henderson Boulevard SE. The only requirement is that the art has a positive message.

5 – Enjoy Dinner at the Cove

The Cove Restaurant, which opened in October 2022, is a great place to put on your list of things to do in 2024. It’s perfect for date night or family night, with a menu that reflects the diversity of our region.

close up of a group of skiers posing for the camera
Olympia Ski Bus riders meet for nine weeks out of the year for skiing and fun. Photo credit: Dawn Knutzen

6 – Hitch a Ride with the Olympia Ski Bus

Looking for a ride up to the mountain to ski? Or maybe you want to ski, but don’t want to go alone. Hitch a ride with the nonprofit Olympia Ski Bus! They will not only get you up the mountain, but will help you make friends in the process.

7 – Get in Shape at Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club

If your New Year’s Resolution involves getting more active, head to the Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club. They have everything you need to stay motivated about being more active in 2024.

8 – Learn to Sail a Model Boat

The Olympia Model Sailors club is looking for new members and would love to have you join them in 2024. If you enjoy time spent with friendly people by the water, this is the club for you.

9 – Experience Theater Artists Olympia

Theater Artists Olympia is a nonprofit that brings live productions and performances to the west side with their location inside the Capital Mall. Go see a show, or get involved in one!

10 – Take a Walk at The Evergreen State College

If you are looking for new walking spots that have paved trails, check out the lovely wooded pathways at The Evergreen State College.

small calico cat being held by a person in a pink Oly Camp Kitties shirt
Cats are a wonderful part of our lives but their upkeep can be expensive. Oly Camp Kitties offers a helping hand. Photo courtesy: Oly Camp Kitties

11 – Help the Oly Camp Kitties

If one of your resolutions is to do a little more good, then add Oly Camp Kitties to your 2024 To Do list for Thurston County. You can help by volunteering or with donations.

12 – See the Beauty of the Puget Sound from a Kayak

We have some beautiful waterways in our backyard, make 2024 the year you finally go out and experience it! Kayaking at Budd Bay is a great way to start.

13 – Stay Up All Night Playing Games

Whether you like board, roleplaying or video games, add the PLAYlive Nation Game Nights to your 2024 list of things to do in Olympia. It’s a great way to meet fellow gamers.

14 – Learn to eFoil

Want to learn a new hobby in 2024? Try eFoiling! This hot new sport is taking water lovers by storm and we have a seasoned eFoiling instructor right here in Thurston County waiting to give you lessons at RadRide.

15 – Tour the Bigelow House

The Bigelow House has reopened and now includes tours to the second floor, so add this must-see historical spot to your bucket list.

16 – Go on a Public Art Hunt

It’s easy to walk or drive quickly by places we see every day – on our way to work or the grocery store, we just sort of stop noticing things. In 2024, take time to notice the amazing public art throughout Olympia.

a mosaic map of the Budd Bay inlaid into a wooden dock in Olympia
‘South Sound Mosaic’ was donated to Olympia in 1959 by an avid boater who wanted to highlight Budd Bay, which was lined with warehouses at the time. Photo credit: Craig Scott

17 – Join the Climbing Community in Lacey

What’s better than being more active, meeting new people with shared interests and getting out of the house? You can do all three by joining the Cirque Climbing Club in Lacey in 2024.

18 – Sign Your Kids Up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

If you did know, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library gives children under the age of 5, a free book everything month. Program came to Thurston County in 2023, so make sure you sign your child up for it in 2024.

19 – Engage at the Pacific Northwest’s Irish Workshop

The Irish Cultural Society is open to all who have a love for anything Irish – from the music and language to the food and crafts. Each year they put on a workshop in the Spring. Make 2024 the year you join.

20 – Get Involved with the Thurston County Food Project

This unique nonprofit helps your neighbors get food. All you have to do is fill the provided green bag with non-perishable, healthy food items over the course of two months. The Thurston County Food Project then distributes the food to those in need.

21 – Learn a Little More About Our Area

Do you know what type of seabirds call Olympia home? Or how they’ve adapted to our city? Go on a walk with the Puget Sound Estuarium in 2024 and find out.

22 – Indulge in a Gourmet Hot Dog

You may not usually equate gourmet with hot dogs, but Pints Dog House is changing that with their incredibly unique and high-quality dogs. Make 2024 the year you try them!

23 – Get Your Medieval On with Buhurt Armored Combat Group

The Buhurt Armored Combat Group launched in 2023, so if you haven’t joined – make 2024 the year you do! It’s a fun way to get exercise, learn about historical fighting styles and meet new people.

24 – Join the Joggernauts

If you like to walk but are need of walking buddies, join the Lacey Joggernauts Run/Walk Club in 2024. You won’t regret it!

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