The glistening waters of the Pacific Northwest hold one of the world’s most innovative experiences that has captured the hearts of many adventure seekers, eFoiling. Roy Mackey, a seasoned eFoiling instructor and avid water sports enthusiast has dedicated his time to sharing his love for the aquatic realm with others through lessons with RadRide. Roy’s passion for eFoiling and the exhilarating experiences it offers have made him a driving force in the eFoiling community, introducing a whole new way of experiencing the water.

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An eFoil is an electric-powered hydrofoil board with a battery pack, motor, and wing built into it that allows you to fly above the water once you reach the speed required to make enough lift to fly. A wireless handheld controller allows you to control your power and speed. eFoiling makes teaching anyone hydrofoil as easy as possible and allows the freedom to ride on any body of water. They also utilize folding propellers that allow you to surf waves, wake and wind swell without using the motor. This allows eFoiling to be as challenging or as easy as imaginable.

Roy’s Mission to Share the Joy of Water Sports

“My main thing is sharing my love for the water and watersports,” says Roy. With this passion, he seeks to impart his enthusiasm to those he teaches, guiding them through the cathartic experience of electric hydrofoiling. “Hopefully it changes people’s lives, getting people out on the water in a completely new way that hasn’t been available until the last four years,” he adds. Roy’s dedication to introducing others to the joy and excitement of eFoiling fosters a new wave of appreciation for the beauty and possibilities of gliding above the water’s surface.

Roy Mackey from RadRide enjoys a warm summer day eFoiling on a board by Lift Foils in the Pacific NorthWest. Photo courtesy: Roy Mackey

From his first introduction to watersports with kayaking and water skiing to discovering kiteboarding, Roy’s journey into eFoiling was a natural progression. With a genuine fascination for hydrofoils, he learned to kite foil and then jumped at the chance to become an affiliate with Lift Foils, the inventor of the eFoil, and began sharing his love of foiling.

Lift Foils from Puerto Rico to Olympia

Founded in Puerto Rico by Michael Leason and his son Nick Leason, Lift Foils gained significant attention in the water sports industry for their innovative designs and engineering, bringing the first eFoil to the market. They played a crucial role in popularizing the eFoil concept and helped introduce this exciting sport to a broader audience. They are the leading manufacturer of eFoils, producing high-quality electric hydrofoil boards that provide riders with a unique and thrilling water sports experience.

two guys stand by efoils on a grassy beach.
Roy poses for a photo post eFoiling lesson at the Boston Harbor Marina. Photo courtesy: Roy Mackey

Lift Foils offers a range of models suitable for different skill levels and preferences, making their eFoils accessible to both beginners and experienced riders. Their boards are often praised for their high-quality construction, smooth ride and intuitive handling. The boards were designed with a focus on performance, stability, and ease of use.

As the electric hydrofoil industry continues to grow, other companies also entered the market with their own eFoil offerings, driving innovation and improvements in eFoil technology.

From Beginners to Pros with RadRide eFoil Lessons

Based in Washington Roy has honed his skills as an expert in teaching and guiding both beginners and experienced riders. With a patient and encouraging approach, he empowers those he teaches to master the art of gliding above the water’s surface. His passion for eFoiling shines through in every lesson, making him a sought-after instructor for those seeking an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

three people, two on boards, one in the water next to a board
eFoiling is an incredible experience that is great to do with friends, no matter the weather. Photo courtesy: Roy Mackey

“What sets me apart from other instructors is that I go the extra mile, often traveling and doing private lessons at people’s homes on the water and bringing the experience to their local spot which also allows the family to watch and share the experience,” says Roy. He also does an in-depth ground lesson that covers every aspect of eFoiling, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the techniques before venturing into the water. This comprehensive preparation ensures confidence and a smoother experience on the waves. Safety is paramount in Roy’s teaching methods as he uses helmets with intercom headsets, making it easy to teach while on the water. This ensures that he can guide his students through every wave of the way, creating a secure and enjoyable eFoiling experience.

His dedication to sharing his love for water sports, combined with a unique teaching approach and unwavering commitment to safety, has made him a cherished mentor in the world of eFoiling. Through Roy’s guidance, countless individuals have experienced the joy and excitement of eFoiling, discovering a new way to connect with nature and find peace in the beauty of the Pacific North West’s aquatic playgrounds. Roy relishes, “I do it as exercise, for fun, as meditation. It’s my soul food.”

Roy offers lessons in Washington and Oregon. To book a lesson with Roy check the RadRide website for more information.

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