2019 was full of amazing stories that showcased what a wonderful place we have to live. From new constructions and restaurants, to exploring the area’s history, people were really interested in what makes Thurston County special. Here are the top 10 most read ThrurstonTalk articles of 2019.

#1 – The Olympia Oyster House Returns with a Twist

In downtown Olympia we’ve got the stately Capitol building, murals, statues, and fountains galore. Nestled amongst them is one of our most beloved, long-standing spots: the Olympia Oyster House. Read the full story on The Olympia Oyster House here.

#2 – Tumwater’s Old Brewhouse Tower: Restoration is Underway to Ensure That it Stands Another 100 Years, at Least

Six-and-a-half million dollars. That is what it’s going to take to restore and preserve Tumwater’s historic Old Brewhouse Tower. Read the full story on Tumwater’s Old Brewhouse Tower here.

#3 – Construction Begins on Olympia Park’s First Sprayground

Blue skies, sunshine, warm summer breezes. The sprayground at Woodruff is a new offering to Olympia Parks. Different than the fountain at Heritage Park, the sprayground at Woodruff Park will feature fun and whimsical ways for children to play in the water. Read the full story on the Olympia Sprayground here.

#4 – The City of Lacey Ranked on Money’s ‘Best Places to Live in America’ List

After analyzing thousands of data points, across more than 1,500 cities, the City of Lacey has earned a spot on Money’s “100 Best Places to Live in America” list. Read the full story on the City of Lacey here.

#5 – Enjoy a Local Beer Inside Millersylvania State Park at the Lakeside Beer Garden

Nestled between the old growth cedars of Millersylvania State Park is a log cabin serving local beer, wine and cider. Lakeside Beer Garden, off the shore of Millersylvania’s Deep Lake, is the first of its kind in a Washington state park. Read the full story on Lakeside Beer Garden here.

#6 – A Place to Call Home: Construction Nearly Complete on Merritt Manor

The smell of paint still hangs in the air, and the courtyard is filled with freshly raked dirt as the final stretch to finish Merritt Manor is underway. Read the full story on Merritt Manor here.

#7 – Following in the Footsteps of Famous Musicians Who Lived in Olympia

For the past 30 plus years, Olympia has been the fertile ground of a thriving music scene. While it’s impossible to cover all the famous musicians who have made their homes in Olympia at one time or another, let’s look at three of the biggies. Take a walk with me on a tour through some of Olympia’s musical history. Read the full story on famous musicians who lived in Olympia here.

#8 – Stack 571 Burger and Whiskey Bar Comes to Olympia

You can add a new spot to your list of restaurants to try, especially if you’re craving a gourmet burger and a craft beverage. Stack 571 Burger and Whiskey Bar has newly opened in Olympia. Read the full story on Stack 571 Burger and Whiskey Bar in Olympia here.

#9 – Exclusive Rambler Homes for Sale In Lacey

Rob Rice Homes’ exclusive community of Steilacoom Ridge, makes your real estate wish list a reality! Built in a growing city, this neighborhood provides modern and spacious homes for sale in Lacey that can not be rivaled. Read the full story on the Rambler Homes in Lacey here.

#10 – Everything Good to Eat: Olympia’s Crane’s Café

In October 1955, Olympia had a new culinary sensation: the Seaburger, a fried patty made of fresh fish, shrimp and meat fried to a golden brown served on a toasted hamburger bun with tartar sauce. Olympians could order this new burger at various locations, but one of the more upscale places was Crane’s Cafe (407 Capitol Way), a landmark business in downtown Olympia for decades. Read the full story on Olympia’s Crane’s Café here.

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