Lasting Design Trends for Your Personal Home

Design Smart Lisa Poundstone
Dr. Lisa Poundstone is the owner of Design Smart Home Staging and Redesign in Olympia. Photo courtesy: Design Smart

A professional designer and home stager for more than eight years, Dr. Lisa Poundstone has seen design trends come and go. But there are some she considers timeless and tries to incorporate into her own home.
“When people visit my home, they often notice it isn’t a ‘staged’ home,” says Lisa. “My company stages homes on the market to best display their features and to help buyers visualize living there. Because staged homes sell quickly, it is usually just for a short while. But, for living in your own home, there are ageless, more permanent design ideas to fully enjoy your personal space.”

design smart
Pops of color with neutral furniture and walls, a fireplace as a focal point and shelving that gives character to a room are timeless design trends. Photo credit: Design Smart

Whether it is a major remodel or just freshening up the look of your home, Lisa says these classic styles are worth the investment for the long-term.

Remodeling Projects

For larger remodel projects, the popular designer says the following “are not a passing trend”:

  • Crown molding and nicely wood wrapped windows are always in style, although the wood stain color can vary year to year.
  • Soaking tubs are a favorite feature in bathrooms.
  • Fireplaces can create a beautiful focal point in a room whether it is traditional or modern.
  • Built-in shelves give character to a room and are highly functional for holding books, décor.

Bring Your World Home

Another lasting design idea is to display things that remind you of where you have been and what you have done.

design smart
In her own home, Lisa enjoys local art pieces from her travels. Photo credit: Design Smart

“Some of my favorite homes are those with global artifacts where the owners have amazing stories to share. My personal home reflects the places I have visited with local art from the Australian outback, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and Hawaii.

“Global folk art and artisan décor pieces from either your travels or a local art fair or gallery give a personal style that sets your home apart and helps remind you of your journeys across the world and throughout your life.”

Galleries, Accents and White

To simply freshen up the look of your home, Lisa says there are several other timeless trends, some relatively simple and inexpensive:

  • Gallery walls of family photos or art pieces can warm your home no matter what your design style. “The frames can be eclectic for a funky feel or matching for a more classic look,” explains Lisa. “Collect at least five pieces of varying sizes and arrange them on the floor before putting nails into the wall.”
  • Bold focal points or accents are another lasting design touch. “Keep the base furniture and walls a neutral color like white, cream, gray, beige or taupe. The bold accents can be accessories like pillows, centerpieces or other accessories are inexpensive and easy to change to a new color scheme.”
  • The hotel linen look for bedrooms and bathrooms (think white towels and bedding) is a classic look. “White is the quintessential neutral and makes it easy to add in pattern and color for interest,” Lisa explains. “You can never go wrong with adding a pop of color with pillows and other accessories.”
Design Smart Lisa Poundstone
Dr. Lisa Poundstone is the owner of Design Smart Home Staging and Redesign in Olympia. Photo courtesy: Design Smart

But, Lisa says one of the most important design principles is decorating a home with the things the owner relishes. “Décor and artwork that you fall in love with will never go out of style because they have meaning to you. No matter what color, pattern or theme, if it has meaning for you, it will work in your home. “ 

Dr. Lisa Poundstone, ASP, PhD is the owner of Design Smart Home Staging & Redesign in Olympia WA. Her company has been voted the Best of South Sound in Interior Design for the last four consecutive years. Lisa is a columnist for the area’s daily newspaper and writes a blog called The Design Doctor.

You can reach Lisa at (360) 480-5810 or by emailing


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