Color Consultation: Make Your Home “Pop” with Color


design smart living room fireplaceAdding color to your home is an easy, inexpensive way to make a home feel cozy and to express your individual personality. You can add color with paint, furniture, pillows, window treatments and accessories.

Paint: bold or beige?

Unless you are using a truly neutral color—like cream or beige—pick your paint color based on furniture, artwork or bedding.

Each color evokes its own psychological and physiological emotions, so consider a color based on a room’s function. For example, blue is a calming, relaxing color and is good for bedrooms but can destroy the mood in a dining room where it would serve as an appetite suppressant.

If you plan on selling your home soon, consider whether you want to go bold with your color. If you chose bold, be willing to paint back to “neutral” before you put your home on the market.

Beyond the paint color

design smart couch and chairsStick to a neutral color when purchasing a large, expensive piece of furniture like a sofa that you want to last a long time. A colorful side chair will add interest at a much lower cost. Colors and patterns go out of style faster than neutrals. It is easier to replace a chair than a sofa if the style becomes dated.

If your furniture is neutral, spice it up with colorful throw pillows. They are easy to mix and match and are relatively inexpensive to change for a different look.

You can create a completely different feeling in a room with the texture, color and pattern of a window treatment, including curtains and valances.

Accessories, such as art, vases and knick-knacks add “pops” of color and transform the feel of a room. Try shopping right in your home to change around your existing accessories for a new look.

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