Phyllis Diller is credited with the well-known saying ‘Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.’ Now imagine wrangling a thriving housekeeping business while wading through endless adoption paperwork and you have the story of Maid Perfect’s Drew and Tonya Freemantle.

maid perfect
A family-run housekeeping business, Drew and Tonya Freemantle recently added to their own family with the adoption of baby Lilly. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect.

Already parents to growing children and a bustling small business, they found themselves with the opportunity to adopt baby Lilly. But this wasn’t something they entered into blindly. Explains Drew, “After two kids we said we weren’t going to have anymore. Adoption isn’t a decision you should take lightly. How will my life change? Will I be able to do all the things that I still want to do? Do I want to raise children for the rest of my life? How would we be able to do this and make our cleaning business work also?”

With only two weeks to decide, he and Tonya carefully considered their options. “At the time, I was working a night job and helping my wife out with the cleaning business during the day. She would take care of Lilly at night, feeding her every few hours, and when I got home I would take care of her until my daughter or mother came over to relieve me so I could get a couple of hours of sleep before I helped my wife. I would get another hour of sleep before work and start the process all over again. This went on for about three months.”

maid perfect
Tonya and Lilly take a moment to relax between cleaning homes and offices and baking organic, healthy dog treats. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect.

He continues, “You need to have a family support system to make this work. It’s a big emotional commitment; there’s a lot of change going on right now and it can be a little stressful.”

But with help from those around them—including staff of the state foster care system—the Freemantle’s adopted Lilly a year and a half later on National Adoption Day, celebrated annually in November.

The ceremony was a festive one with a courtroom full of children and even a stress relieving therapy dog. Recalls Drew, “This was an experience! There were gifts and food afterward and we definitely made the right decision. She has brought joy and happiness to everyone in this family!”

maid perfect
The Freemantle family enjoys “baby’s first” with Lilly, adopted 1.5 years after she joined the family. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect.

Little Lilly fits right in too. A dog loving family with their own line of healthy pet treats, Lilly adores her canine brothers and sisters.

There is a large, ever-present need for foster and adoptive families. The federal Administration for Children and Families reports that in 2015 there were 112,000 children waiting to be adopted while only 53,000 found forever homes.

And the Freemantle’s can attest that though worthwhile, it’s not an easy process. “We had to have everyone in the family background checked and fingerprinted. We filled out a mountain of paperwork and prayed that nothing would go wrong. But the people in the foster care system are fantastic and extremely supportive. This is not just a job for them, they really care.”

With many adoption resources in Thurston County, interested families can and should reach out. You never know the lifechanging difference a little love can make…for both of you.

maid perfect
Lilly’s smile brightens the Freemantle family who encourages families to consider adoption. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect.

But no matter your family or home situation, Drew and Tonya are always willing to help with your home, office, and rental cleaning needs. Because as Phyllis Diller also said, ‘Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?’ Their dedicated staff can tackle move-outs, allergen control, rust stains, mold outbreaks, and more. They can even assist in forming your own endeavor with five tips for launching a small business.

For a list of Maid Perfect’s services or to schedule a free estimate visit their website at www.maidperfectolympia.com or call 360-402-6248.

As they’re proud to advertise, “Let our housekeeping professionals do the hard work for you, so you can focus on the important things—or just relax. At Maid Perfect, we work with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your unique needs. We offer a wide array of cleaning solutions and prices. No matter how big or small the job, we can create the perfect housekeeping plan for your home or office. Ready, set, sparkle!”


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