TAGS Promotional Team Recap: Top Five Promotional Items From 2011


At TAGS Awards & Specialties (and our sister company Williams Group Marketing + Design), we serve our clients with all kinds of fun and unique promotional items.  Our long-time tagline is still true:  “Your Logo on Anything!”

While there are all kinds of new ideas in the field, it’s interesting to note that the top 5 items we produced for our customers in 2011 were actually traditional favorites.  If you’re a promotional buyer for your business or organization, we thought you might like to know what sold best last year.

No. 1 – Pens

That’s right, the old stand-by is still going strong.  Promotional pens are a top item for promotional buyers.  We order a lot of pens from Bic, mostly because they are affordable for clients and ALWAYS quality, but there are lots of other styles, too.  Some of our professional clients appreciate promotional pens that are heavier, as the weight can convey a higher quality that translate to client branding.  Others look for unique functionality, like lights, messaging, or other fun additions.

No. 2 – Mugs

The 11-oz ceramic mug still sells well, but we’re finding some really cool new styles of coffee cups, travel mugs, water bottles and more that really make a statement for our clients.  Costs vary, but when you’re trying to leave behind a lasting impression of your business, a mug still does the trick.  One of our favorites from 2011 is an insulated mug with a handle that a couple clients purchased for their offices.  These mugs are so beautiful and substantial, customers can’t help but remember them.

No. 3 – Magnets

As long as file cabinets and refrigerators are made of metal, magnets will make sense for promotional use.  We sold a large number of inexpensive yet attractive business card sized magnets in 2011, but larger ones, sometimes cut to unique shapes, were popular as well.  One of our recent orders included a magnet with a thermometer built in for a contractor who works in the energy conservation field.  Perfect!

No. 4 – Adhesive Note Pads

Imprinted sticky notes were ordered more often than any other item in 2011.  These useful, versatile items can be square, rectangular, or cut to virtually any shape to enhance your branding.  Priced less than you might think, they’re a great item for trade shows or for use in the office for a well-designed, professional look.

No. 5 – T-Shirts

Rounding out our top five items of the year was T-Shirts.  T-Shirts and other wearables are another great way to create a lasting memory.  With the multitude of color and style options these days, the new t-shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts and jackets look better than ever and help turn the recipient into a walking billboard for your organization.  One of our favorites this year was Washington Business Bank, who took their tagline of “Core Values” to a new level by producing staff workout shirts that read, “Hard Core”.

What can we do for you and your next promotional needs in 2012?  We’d be glad to help!  Give us a call at (360) 352-3031 or check us out online at http://www.tagstrophies.com or http://www.wmsgroup.com.

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