Thurston County Propane Or Heating Oil: Will Call vs. Auto Delivery Service


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Submitted By: ACME

If you have propane or heating oil at your home, you most likely have an account for service at one or more fuel companies.  You have two main delivery options: 1) will call : this is where you are responsible for monitoring your tank level and you notify your company when you need fuel delivery,  or  2) automatic delivery service : this is where the fuel company takes the responsibility for monitoring the amount of fuel you use and provides automated delivery to you to prevent you from running out of fuel.

While I cannot speak for other service providers, at Acme Fuel, we are pleased to serve both types of accounts. We maintain the highest service priority to those customers who choose the Auto Fill service as they have requested that we assume the responsibility for maintaining adequate fuel levels for them. We also are committed to making sure our Auto Fill customers receive the most competitive pricing available.  When the snow hits, like it has recently, we will do everything we can to ensure the Auto Fill customers do not run out of fuel.  We also strive to maintain a high level of commitment to our Will Call customers, but understandably during times of extremely high demand, these customers may need to temporarily wait for fuel delivery until things settle down.

If an Auto Fill customer calls to notify us that they are very low or out of fuel, we will get our truck out there immediately – weekends, evenings, holidays, etc – at no extra charge.  If we are unable to get to the fuel tank due to snow, we will use 10 gallon containers to bring in enough fuel to get the customer by until conditions allow for our trucks to reach them.  We will also provide this service to our Will Call customers in the same situation but an overtime charge does apply.

acme olympiaIf you ever have any questions or would like any more information, you can call our office at 360-943-1133 or visit our website at

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