City of Olympia Snow and Ice Update Friday, January 20


Traffic Signals. Come to a 4-way stop at intersections where traffic signals are not working.


Trees and Limbs on Olympia Streets.  Call Public Works Dispatch at 753-8333 to report downed trees and limbs on Olympia streets. Be prepared to provide the street address and whether or not power lines are entangled in the tree. We are keeping a list of downed trees on City streets and will get to them as we can on Friday and over the weekend. City crews cannot remove trees entangled with power lines until PSE crews remove and repair the lines. Debris and trees on private property are the responsibility of the owner to clear.


Downed Power Lines.  Call 9-1-1 to report downed or hazardous power lines. City crews do not repair downed power lines. Do not call Olympia public works dispatch about downed power lines.


All Olympia Parks and Trails are CLOSED. Please stay out of City parks and off trails due to hazardous conditions with heavy snow and ice on trees and paths.


No Olympia Residential Garbage Collection on Friday.  Olympia crews will work Saturday and Sunday to pick-up missed collections from this week, depending on weather and road conditions. Please leave carts out until garbage is collected.


Olympia City Hall is open Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, with limited staff services. City Hall will not be open Saturday and Sunday.  Emergency services will be delivered as usual by police, fire and public works.


Olympia Parks classes and activities are cancelled for Friday.


Do not drive around road closed signs.  The road is closed for your safety.


Roads. Friday and thru the weekend, Olympia’s public works and parks crews are working to remove trees blocking City streets. They are also working to remove snow and ice from the top of catch basins on primary and secondary routes.


Important Notice for Step System Users Without Power. When the power is out there is no way for sewage to pump out of your step system holding tank. Minimize flushing and water use during a power outage. When your power returns and your pump reactivates, an alarm may sound. Don’t immediately call the phone number on your pump. Wait an hour. If the alarm continues to ring after one hour, then call the phone number posted on your pump. The alarm rings because the tank is full, and the pump will need time after reactivation to clear the tank.



Safety Reminders from the Olympia Fire Department:

Generator Warning. Do not use outdoor heating or cooking appliances or generators in your home due to the potential build-up of deadly carbon monoxide gas.


Storm Drains: If physically and safely able to, please help clear snow and debris from the top of storm drains. This will help keep water flowing as the snow begins to melt.


Awnings/Carports: Please check snow and ice load on awnings and carports and safely remove excess snow and ice, if possible.


Buildings with Flat Roofs:  Remove snow and ice from drain scuppers (roof drains) so that thawing water can flow and relieve weight pressure.



What You Can Do to Help:

As with any emergency, have a minimum three-day supply of food and medicine on hand for yourself, your family, and any family pets.


Check on your neighbors, especially elderly or shut-in neighbors.

If physically possible for you, clear the storm drains near your home to keep melting water flowing.


Clear the sidewalk in front of your home or business.


Only drive if it’s essential, or take the bus if you must go somewhere. For bus routes, check the Intercity Transit website,, or call (360) 786-1881.


DO NOT drive around road closed signs – the road is closed for your safety and the safety of others.

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