Puget Sound Energy Launches Targeted Electrification Pilot in its Service Area

10,000 natural gas customers will receive a free, comprehensive electrification assessment


Submitted by Puget Sound Energy

PSE announced the launch of its targeted electrification pilot that will help up to 10,000 of its natural gas customers transition to more efficient and sustainable electric technologies for space conditioning and water heating. 

The pilot will help PSE design effective programs and incentives for customers to take advantage of newer technologies, such as high-efficiency electric heat pumps, to lower their carbon footprint and contribute to Washington’s clean energy transition. Currently, residential, commercial and industrial heating account for over 25 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and by targeting these appliances, the region can achieve the most decarbonization benefit. Heat pumps also have the added benefit of energy savings and can provide cooling in the hot summer months, an increasing need in the Pacific Northwest.

“Washington State has enacted some of the most ambitious climate change policies in the country and it will take a number of different strategies to meet our emission reduction goals,” said Josh Jacobs, vice president of Clean Energy Strategy. “We’re taking a holistic look at our entire energy system, both electric and natural gas, to identify ways to reduce emissions while maintaining safe, reliable energy for our customers. In addition to targeted electrification, we’re increasing our portfolio of clean electricity resources, updating and modernizing the grid, and exploring lower carbon fuels like Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and hydrogen, among other tactics.”

As part of the pilot, selected PSE natural gas customers will receive a free in-person home electrification assessment that will provide them with a comprehensive roadmap to electrifying their home. Customers participating in the assessment will receive a report outlining a list of projects they can undertake to electrify certain facets of their home, including information on qualified installers and financial incentives from local, state or federal programs such as the Inflation Reduction Act. Customers may also qualify for additional rebates from PSE to reduce the upfront costs associated with their electrification project and will receive a $50 gift card for their participation.

The pilot also includes a special direct install plan for income-qualified customers where PSE will cover the full cost associated with the electrification project, including the heat pump, panel upgrades, installation charges, home weatherization upgrades and similar work. 

The home electrification assessments will be conducted through PSE’s implementation partner Franklin Energy and appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 866-574-3294 through the end of May 2024.  

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