Bigfoot Pest Management Brings Family and Service to Pest Management Across Thurston County


When choosing a service, it always feels good to support a local business that really cares about the community they serve. Bigfoot Pest Management in Thurston County is focused on quality, transparency, and people, which creates an exceptional customer service experience for every family they serve. With both proactive and preventative pest control methods, Bigfoot Pest Management can meet all of your needs while keeping your family safe and happy.

Elliott Hahn had a vision to do pest control differently, and formed Bigfoot Pest Management in 2021 to provide better service with safer methods. Photo courtesy: Bigfoot Pest Management

Personal Touch to Pest Control in Olympia with Bigfoot Pest Management

Owner Elliott Hahn has been in the pest control industry for 13 years, and has seen firsthand the best ways to support pest control for residential homes. Even more important than the effective methods used, Elliott prioritizes service and community first in all that he does. “You need to have a relationship with people,” he explains. “You are applying treatments in their house meant to eliminate a pest, and they are trusting you with the health of their families and home.” Over the years, he has worked for a few local companies who were eventually bought out by larger corporations, and was saddened by the loss of personal elements to service. After seeing a decline in work/life balance and customer service, Elliott knew it was time for a change.

On April 1, 2021, Elliott branched off with his own business and formed Bigfoot Pest Management. He had a vision of better service, and ever since opening his business, he has been able to bring the highest level of care to the families he serves. “Our mission is to work hard and do the right thing,” Elliott shares. “Our job is to keep you happy, and everyone is treated with the same level of kindness and respect. Oftentimes people pick us because our pricing is fair, they can relate to us as humans, and all of our services come with a warranty if you ever need us in between services.”

One of the main benefits of working with Bigfoot Pest Management is direct one-on-one support with the same person. Rather than being bounced between a call center, sales person, the pest control technician, or another maintenance staff person, you can trust you will have one expert to talk to every step of the way. Elliott personally comes out to do all new customer inspections, initial repairs and pest control solutions. Recently, Elliott hired on his first employee Tony, who is a military vet that manages all of the maintenance and day-to-day service. Together they have over 30 years of pest control experience and care deeply for the people they serve.

Rather than always turning to extreme and toxic chemicals, Bigfoot Pest Management uses integrative methods, such as this exclusionary work to keep rodents out structurally. Photo courtesy: Bigfoot Pest Management

Bigfoot Pest Management Provides Pest Control Services for Every Olympia Home

Elliott has witnessed cookie-cutter approaches to pest control, which can sometimes be overkill depending on the issue. Some pest control companies always turn to the same methods regardless of the problem, usually setting off intense chemicals in or around your home. “Rather than nuking your property, we follow integrative pest management where we use a non-intrusive approach and only take the steps we have to,” explains Elliott. “Most everything we have has a toxicity less than common medications.” This can bring a great deal of comfort and peace of mind to your family in knowing that quality pest control doesn’t have to equate to bombs being set off in the home that are toxic and harmful.

Bigfoot Pest Management makes it easy to get started with their free initial inspections to evaluate next steps. Elliott will come up with a detailed plan based on your needs and concerns at no cost to you so you can have all of the information you need to make an informed decision and get started when you are ready. “I am always upfront and honest with people, and never try to paint any pictures or fear-monger anyone,” he shares. “I am analytical and thorough with everything. We leave no stone unturned.” Dealing with pests in your home, considering your budget, and understanding the chemicals being used can be a lot to deal with, and with Bigfoot Pest Management, they make the decision easy and stress-free so you can care for your home and your family without worry.

The services provided by Bigfoot Pest Management cover all sorts pests, with ants and rodents being the most prevalent in Thurston County. “We do everything except ex-spouses,” Elliott jokes. “If you have a pest problem and want a one-time service, know that this means we will come back as many times as it takes to get the job done. We are always going to make it right.” Many pest control companies have gone to a subscription service model, but with Bigfoot Pest Management, Elliott believes you should only have to pay for the pest control services you actually use and will never charge you for something that hasn’t been done yet. Bigfoot Pest Management is really about people first, which can be seen in all that they do.

Bigfoot Pest Management offers free initial inspections to help you make the best decision for your family. Photo courtesy: Bigfoot Pest Management

Manage Your Pest Problems with Bigfoot Pest Management

It can be stressful enough dealing with pest damage or health concerns for your family as invasive rodents or insects settle into your home. Bigfoot Pest Management can ease all of your worries while offering exceptional service, fair prices, and a commitment to quality that is hard to find elsewhere. Set up your free initial inspection today to get started!

Bigfoot Pest Management
2710 Allen Rd SE, Olympia


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