Our community thrives through the support of selfless community members and charitable business owners alike. As a long-standing organization in the community, Lincoln Creek Lumber is proud to contribute to local organizations to help them make a difference in our towns and lives. They gladly accept donation applications from local nonprofits and organizations as long as they are not political or religious in nature.

Thurston Lumber Company Gifts Supplies to Local Nonprofits

Candy in large red 10-gallon buckets for USO's Trunk or Treat
Lincoln Creek Lumber donated 75 pounds of candy for USO’s Trunk or Treat event. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

Throughout its 100-year history, Lincoln Creek Lumber has always been involved in charity in the local community. For the owners and employees, being able to give back has been incredibly rewarding and makes Lincoln Creek Lumber a great place to work. “We all do live and love locally here, and that is a huge benefit of being a small locally-owned work family,” says Marketing Director Brenda Klawitter. “Our customers are incredibly loyal because they know that the money they spend here with us truly stays local.”

One of the ways that Lincoln Creek Lumber supports many great local organizations is through their “round-up” program where customers can round up their change during a transaction to support a local event or charity. They recently raised $1,700 for the Lewis County Autism Collation and $1,112 for Centralia Athletics & Facilities Foundation through round-ups. Small amounts can make a big difference in the local community, which is where the round-up program has been such a success in creating change and supporting community efforts. With many transactions, customers can feel confident knowing they are contributing to great local causes in our communities.

Lincoln Creek Lumber doesn’t just donate funds to support organizations, but also provides materials. “We have donated lumber to certain organizations like the Eagle Scouts when they repaired and replaced picnic tables at a local park,” shares Brenda. “We also donated lumber to a veteran’s facility that was creating a building for members to gather.” With costs on the rise, having necessary building materials available can make all the difference in whether or not a project can come to life. With Lincoln Creek Lumber’s generous contributions, many community groups and organizations have been able to fulfill their goals and serve the community they love.

Lincoln Creek Lumber: Committed to Community

Lumber staff members Samantha Kimm and Kaitlyn  at the Tumwater High School Dance Team Gala
Lincoln Creek Lumber is a proud supporter of the Tumwater High School Dance Team and sponsored their Gala to raise funds. Lincoln Creek Lumber staff members Samantha Kimm and Kaitlyn Pena were honored to be in attendance. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

Lincoln Creek Lumber also proudly supports a wide range of community efforts, though one of their primary focuses is on youth activities and athletics to promote health, connection and achievement in young athletes. They proudly sponsor a number of Little League teams and the Tumwater High School Dance Team to encourage active youth in the community through fun and engaging programs. “It has been great because we really are a small town, so these

charities directly affect our children and the schools they attend,” shares Brenda. “You won’t see a big box store on the back of your kid’s jersey or hanging in your kid’s stadium. You will see us.”

Additionally, Lincoln Creek Lumber has a soft spot for animals and is eager to support organizations that provide essential products and services to animals. They proudly support Concern for Animals as much as possible to help the organization provide food and other essentials to pet owners and animals in need. “We hosted pet food drives after the flood last year, so people could come get free food for their pets,” shares Brenda. During times of hardship, the community coming together can help displaced members find their footing and get what they need to recover.

With the emergence of COVID-19, many families and community members were eager to protect themselves as much as possible against the virus. Once vaccines became available, Lincoln Creek Lumber spearheaded a vaccine fair to provide free vaccinations against COVID-19. Their efforts with this event allowed 214 people to get vaccinated in Lewis County, which helped protect susceptible individuals even more during a time of crisis. “We do take care of our community in a big way,” shares Brenda.

Lincoln Creek Lumber associate getting COVID-19 vaccine
Lincoln Creek Lumber and its affiliates hosted a vaccine fair, helping over 200 people get vaccinated against COVID-19. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

One of their biggest donation efforts was in 2020, in the form of a legacy donation of $75,000 to Centralia College. Including this donation, Lincoln Creek Lumber donated a total over $120,000 to the local community. Their continued commitment to supporting the community in these various ways has brought so much opportunity to local organizations and community members.

Apply for Charitable Support with Lincoln Creek Lumber

Lincoln Creek Lumber has a history of contributing to the communities they serve, and they are eager to continue this mission wherever they can. “A majority of our donation is based on direct solicitation,” explains Brenda. “Organizations reach out to us and we really try to give to as many as we can.” They are deeply focused on youth activities and youth sports, youth education, seniors, veterans and community members in need. Despite these primary areas, Lincoln Creek Lumber makes every effort to support local organizations and community members with a great cause.

If you are looking to support a local company that gives back to our community you can visit any of our locations in Tumwater, Centralia or Chehalis or you can also visit the Lincoln Creek Lumber for more information on the company.

Lincoln Creek Lumber supports Concern for Animals any way they can, from charitable donations to partnering in times of crisis. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

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