Summer means hanging out with family and friends. Going to the movie theater, shopping and of course, eating out. You can do all this and more at the Capital Mall, where it’s always nice inside, no matter what the temperamental Washington sky is doing. And, with the Capital Mall’s summer of Cravings & Savings, you can eat well, save money and even get rewarded!

people standing at the Cinnabon counter at Capital Mall
Save gas with a stop at Capital Mall. Shop, catch a movie and eat to your heart’s content. Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

Save Fuel with a Trip to the Mall

With soaring gas prices that seem to go up daily, saving gas is on everyone’s list. Probably at the top. Why not eat and shop in one location? You can pick up that new pair of jeans, get your hair done, buy a present for the dad or grad in your life, and then eat dinner without ever moving the car. Better still, hope aboard the free Intercity Transit! The bus stops right at the Capital Mall, no need to waste fuel.

Dining Options for Everyone

Cinnamon rolls. Waffles. Kung Pao Chicken. Steak. Burger and fries. Whatever you are craving, you can find it at the Capital Mall, the perfect place to dine and shop all summer long. With both sit-down and quick-service eateries, you can decide what you’re in the mood for while you’re there. No need to plan ahead. Walk around, look at menus, and see what makes your mouth water. Have a family that’s hard to please? With large tables under beautiful skylights that let in that summer sun, everyone in your family can eat at different restaurant but still dine together. Even the dog is welcome!

Applebee’s. Located in the Dick’s Sporting Goods parking lot, Applebee’s has plenty of all American-fare to fill up your entire family.

Whether you’re craving a bubble tea with soy milk, soft pretzel or a steak, the Capital Mall has it! Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

Braganza Tea. Located inside the mall, Braganza Tea is the place to go to cool off with a nice bubble tea. They now offer soy milk for their milk teas, so even dairy-free mall-goers can get a treat.

Charley’s Philly Steaks. Located in the food court, Charley’s offers anyone who loves a good Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich plenty of options to keep you coming back all summer long.

Chipotle. Located outside the small on the south side between Macy’s and Dick’s, Chipotle has all your favorite Mexican dishes including burritos, tacos and healthy bowls.

Chuck.E.Cheese’s. Craving pizza? Celebrating? Chuck E. Cheese’s is located right inside the mall at the East end as a great place for a birthday party or to while away a summer day.

Cinnabon. Located at a kiosk outside the food court, you will smell Cinnabon’s delicious, cinnamon-y gooey rolls before you even see them. A great choice for a morning, afternoon or evening treat.

Fujiyama. Located outside the mall, south of REI, Fujiyama is a great place for a date night—maybe before or after a movie—or for anyone craving Japanese.

capital mall food court with people eating at tables.
The light and airy food court at the Capital Mall has plenty of sitting, so your family can each choose where to get food, and then come together for that family meal you’ve been craving. Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

Hawley’s Gelato. Fudge. Coffee.  It wouldn’t be summer without ice cream! Located inside the mall by the theater, Hawley’s serves up amazing gelato, including dairy-free options, and Dancing Goats Coffee for your caffeine fix.

i.talia Pizzeria. A short walk across the Mall Loop Drive SW and you can taste the delights of Italy with i.talia Pizzeria.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Located outside the small on the southside between Macy’s and Dick’s, Mechnie’s is the perfect place to go for an after-dinner or after-movie treat on a hot summer’s night.

MiSo. Located inside the mall across from the movie theater, MiSo is a great place for those looking for healthy and fresh meals. Their create-your-own-bowls are perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

Olive Garden. Located in the mall parking lot across from Dick’s, Olive Garden is a great choice for a family looking for a nice sit-down dinner. They have an expansive menu of Italian food, including gluten free pasta.

Panda Express. Located in the food court, Panda Express is a go-to for quick and tasty Chinese dishes such as orange chicken and egg rolls.

A liege waffle with ice cream, chocolate sauce and fruit from Waffle Craze
Don’t miss the new eatery inside the Capital Mall, Waffle Craze! Their fresh liege waffles are piled high with scrumptious toppings. Photo courtesy: Waffle Craze

Red Robin. Located outside the mall kitty-corner to REI, Red Robin has all your favorites, from hamburgers and shakes, to pizza and salads.

STACK 571. Located next to the movie theater inside the mall, STACK 571 is a meat-lovers paradise. Whether you want a burger, steak or sandwich, you will feel satisfied.

Teriyaki Japan. Located inside the food court, Teriyaki Japan is a great choice for those looking for a quick meal of their favorite teriyaki dishes.

Wetzel’s Pretzels. Located across from the movie theater inside the mall, Wetzel’s Pretzels offers delicious soft pretzels and cool drinks for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

And new to the mall this summer is the incredible Waffle Craze! Opening in July, this new eatery is just one more reason to head to Capital Mall. Owner Jahnin Smith is retiring after 20 years of Active Duty Army and starting this new endeavor with his wife, Tonia. “It has been my dream to always open up my own store when I was able to after my commitment from military service,” Jahnin shares. “Waffles are fun, they can be eaten any time of day, they are versatile in what they can be matched with, i.e., ice cream, fruit, syrup, jelly, Nutella, and so much more.” They will be located across from STACK 571 by the movie theater. You won’t want to miss them!

Instant Savings, Instant Cravings

Capital Mall is making dining at the mall this summer even sweeter with their Instant Savings, Instant Cravings happening now through September 30, 2022. Simply spend $50 dining at the Capital Mall and receive a $20 gift card to a mall store or restaurant! It’s like getting paid to eat out!

Braganza bubble Tea with reciept
Just keep your receipts from and restaurant or eatery at the Capital and upload them online to get rewarded! Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

All you have to do is keep your receipts anytime you dine at one of the restaurants or eateries listed above. Once you’ve reached $50 spent, take photos of your receipts and upload them on the Capital Mall website. That’s it! The Mall will contact you to pick up your gift card. You can submit $50 in receipts as often as you like through September, so head to the mall, have a meal, and get rewarded!

“Many of our eateries are locally owned by small business owners or franchisees,” shares Stef Cicerello, marketing & business development manager for Capital Mall. “Even though our eateries have faced so many challenges in the past couple years they have overcome every obstacle thrown their way. We want to be sure to support not only these businesses but also provide spaces for guests to meet and share stories—and we all know stories are best told over yummy food!”

This summer, share old memories and make new ones while dining—and shopping—at the Capital Mall.


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