Hallelujah It’s Spring! Visit the Olympia Farmers Market

Olympia Farmers Market spring lettuce
Taste the sweetness of unfolding spring at the Olympia Farmers Market. We're ready! Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Spring begins officially on March 19 in 2020, but in my heart, it blooms when the Olympia Farmers Market shifts to its four day-a-week schedule. The Olympia Farmers Market’s 46th season begins Thursday, April 2, and that means you can grab lunch on more days from one of the cadre of restaurants, which offer global cuisine from tacos to curry, clam chowder to gyros and ’wurst to soba. Trust the yearnings of your stomach, and the next time try something else. Of course, lunch is just one aspect of our beloved farmers market in Olympia. There’s much more.

Olympia Farmers Market Toni Lawrence ceramics
Toni Lawence, artist, can tell you about the inspirations behind her unique pieces. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

The Olympia Farmers Market showcases talented artisans in diverse medias. Sometimes I think I’m in a museum, but at the Market it is okay to touch things carefully. The craftspeople are at their tables and happy to give you time and attention to answer your questions or help you identify the right piece. Ceramist Toni Lawrence’s whimsical pieces come with colorful stories. They will bring you a smile. Her life is seasoned with Hollywood history and world travels. Ask her to tell you a tale. Toni can actually create a sculpture of you, someone you love or a pet. You need to check her work out.

Self-taught silversmith Andi Clarke has used the better part of the past two decades working with glass. Initially she made mobiles with stained glass and sea glass. The small, left-over pieces began piling up and Andi wonder what to do with them. “Just make jewelry,” her daughter said, and her next artistic phase began. Andi Clarke Jewelry’s rings, pendants, wrist cuffs and earrings are beautiful expressions of nature.

Yes, the Olympia Farmers Market is all about the farms, too. For those pining for spring produce, more and more will be showing up as the weather progresses. Early greens are welcome additions to the winter roots. Each week the choices will expand. Whatever is on hand was probably in the ground earlier that morning – that means super fresh.

The Olympia Farmers Market continues to have free live music and ample parking. There are also special events throughout the year. For more details visit the Olympia Farmers Market website or call the office at 360-352-9096.

Olympia Farmers Market

700 Capitol Way N, Olympia


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