I’ll admit it. I love the holidays. The sparkle, the wonderment, the cozy togetherness – the entire joyful bundle is a bright spot in winter’s darkness. Let’s be honest though, the gatherings often bring more than gifts. They bring stress, and at times, that feels like an unfair trade. The cleaning experts at Maid Perfect know that getting a house “holiday-ready” is no easy task, and this season they’ve given us all a gift of knowledge by sharing how to Deep-Clean A Home (little-by-little) in 14 Days.

Maid Perfect Before Photo
A bathtub BEFORE the Maid Perfect team got to it… Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

Truthfully – my house is a mess. I’m not sure 14 days would even cover it right now. I’ll have family flying in from all parts of the country, and I really want my house to shine. But, just like you – I’m busy. I’m a working mom who’s feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of no-less-than-30 eyeballs on my currently disheveled house. I need a plan, and I need it fast.

Drew and Tonya Freemantle are the owners of local cleaning company, Maid Perfect. They offer some really great tips on how to deep-clean a home from top to bottom in 14 days. If I follow the schedule and clean little bits every day after work, I, (theoretically), should be able to get my home squeaky clean in two weeks.

A bathtub AFTER Maid Perfect worked their magic! Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

Maid Perfect has been in the business for two decades now, and I trust their recommendations. But what I don’t trust are my two young children who “helpfully” come along behind me and undo all of my work.


Sometimes it’s just easier to hire someone, right?

Drew and Tonya have great advice though, and though they can’t help me wrangle my kids, their 14-Day Deep Cleaning Plan can help me wrangle my house. They recommend tackling the things that don’t need daily cleaning first, and then move forward from there. Saving the cleaning of high traffic, heavily-used areas for right before the event is a good strategy they say, so you’re not cleaning it twice.

Maid Perfect’s 14-Day Deep-Clean for Busy Schedules:

Maid Perfect Before Photo with Leaves
Don’t forget about porches! They need attention too, when cleaning up, or else you’ll be tracking all of the unwelcome bits inside.
Here’s the autumnal porch BEFORE Maid Perfect… Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

Day 1. Put away all stray items, declutter the major zones of your house likely to be used by guests. This is very important to achieve a deep and thorough clean.

Day 2. Vacuum out all window sills, wash all windows and wipe out their tracts.

Day 3. Knock down exterior cobwebs around entryways and sweep exterior porches and porch mats.

Day 4. Knock down interior cobwebs, wash entryway rugs, and straighten and sweep out closets and pantry.

Maid Perfect After Photo Leaf Cleanup
And the autumnal porch AFTER Maid Perfect! Porches are the first spaces guests see, so make them a part of your cleaning routine. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

Day 5. Dust all surfaces with a wet cloth. This provides a more thorough clean than feather dusting which sends allergens flying.

Day 6. Wipe down all light fixtures, switches and outlets.

Day 7. Polish all furniture. Lemon oil or your favorite furniture polish does wonders on dull wood.

Day 8. Vacuum and scrub all baseboards.

Day 9. Strip and wash all bedding. (Make up the guest beds if needed).

Day 10. Clean out the refrigerator and wipe down inside and out.

Day 11. Clean the oven. Wipe down all appliances and cupboards.

Day 12. Scrub all bathrooms.

Day 13. Wipe down walls as needed.

Day 14. Sweep, vacuum and mop.

These are some amazing tips, and a manageable plan that most working people can incorporate into their day. But I have to say, even just reading this list was exhausting. And Day 11 made me cringe. Cleaning the oven is my most hated chore. I’d rather let the little bits of pizza burn up rather than clean them out. (I know I’m not alone here…)

Maid Perfect Clean Kitchen
Maid Perfect gets kitchens as sparking as holiday lights! Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

The team at Maid Perfect knows what they’re doing, and they are always generously providing cleaning tips, which I appreciate. But this season, what I might appreciate more is the time and energy I’d save by hiring them. They are well worth the money, and to have the experts come manage my mess; quickly, efficiently, and in less than one day—not 14–well, it’s a holiday gift to myself.

Maid Perfect is proud of their excellent customer service, year-round, and achieves it through their core principles of vetting and hiring only the best in the industry, always seeking improvement, having great communication with clients and putting their client’s needs first. It’s easy to see why they have 5-Star reviews on Google and Facebook.

Drew, Tonya, and their team of experienced professionals clean residential and commercial spaces. Visit them on their website or call them at 360-402-6248 for a free estimate. This season, follow their helpful holiday tips to get your home sparkling, (and not just the Christmas lights), or better yet, hire them, and you too will be saying, “Maid Perfect just made my holiday… perfectly.”


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