With patients traveling from Shelton, Aberdeen and beyond, Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates (FASA), particularly the West Olympia office, has become a popular medical hub for health issues below the knee. To better accommodate patients and expand services, the FASA West Olympia office is moving closer to Capital Medical Center, with the new location opening the first week of July.

Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates West Olympia Office Moving New Location
Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates staff are in front of the new West Olympia location. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

With a large family of clinics, six locations throughout the South Sound region, Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates is home to a number of podiatrists and physical therapists with locations from Tacoma to Centralia. The practice has continued to grow since its creation in 2002 and along with podiatry and surgical interventions, Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates has also incorporated primary care as a part of FASA Family Wellness, with a family doctor based out of the Centralia office.

Staying true with their philosophy of helping to improve quality of life for patients, Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates also works with patient schedules, so that patients with weekday work or school obligations can still be seen. Expanded services also branch to other treatment options like massage therapy and laser therapy. Additional providers, like vascular specialists may also be brought on to the FASA team. “We try to help as many people as we can,” says Morgan Campbell, location leader at the West Olympia FASA office.

The demand for increased services is the driving force behind the West Olympia Clinic’s move. “We outgrew our space,” explains Campbell. “We’ve been there for two and a half years and we inherited it from a previous podiatry office. And we took on a lot of their patients. So, we just need a bigger space, we need more storage. And hopefully, it will help us grow.”

Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates West Olympia Office Moving Dr Bowles
Dr. Casey Bowles is the provider at the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates West Olympia office. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

Because of the West Olympia office schedule, patients should not be affected by the move. With the new office’s remodel near completion, the moving process will take place the weekend before July 1, at a time when patients are not normally scheduled. The first week of July, patients will start being seen in the new office.

“Things are going to be set up a little bit differently, but our staff is really excited about moving into a bigger office,” says Campbell.

For ease of access, the move is not far from the current Olympia location and will be centrally placed near other medical offices. Close to Capital Medical Center, the new West Olympia office will also be near a laboratory, primary care physicians, vascular physicians and diabetic specialists.

“The new office is just down the road from us,” says Campbell. “It’s maybe three minutes away, in the Black Hills medical area.”

With a new location, also comes room for expansion. Automatically upgraded was the number of patient rooms. With only four treatment rooms at the previous location, the new office will feature more rooms to accommodate the busy office. To join four other FASA locations, the new West Olympia office is also slated to add a physical therapist to the team.

Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates West Olympia Office Moving Office Staff Group Photo
The staff at the West Olympia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates is excited for an expanded space that can better serve patients. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

“We’re hoping to bring a physical therapist into our office, because we have a lot of patients that come to us on the Westside for a reason,” explains Campbell. “Because they’re coming from the Grays Harbor area, the Shelton area, Aberdeen and further, we want to make it easier for them to come to their doctor appointments and come to physical therapy, as well.”

To celebrate patients and the new office location, FASA is inviting current patients to their grand opening and patient appreciation day on July 24. With a raffle, prizes and patient gifts, the West Olympia location will be officially welcomed into the community by the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce during the ribbon cutting ceremony at 12:00 p.m. Visitors will also have the opportunity to take a tour around the new office. Throughout the day, a gelato cart will be handing out treats to patient appreciation day visitors.

To learn more about FASA news, locations and services, visit the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates website. Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates updates can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

New Location: 404 Black Hills Lane S.E. Ste B, Olympia


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