Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet

Meet Bonnie! She is a beautiful, active, sixty-pound, senior pit bull with a lovely fawn and white-colored coat. Just look at the beautiful markings on her expressive face. She is in search of a calm and loving forever home where she can be my loved and enjoyed. She adores snuggling with her favorite humans and appreciates going for halter-walks and playing fetch.

Adopt A Pet Dog of the Week Bonnie
Bonnie needs just the right home to help her blossom. Photo courtesy: Adopt-A-Pet

Bonnie’s forever human will need to be a strong, active, and kind leader who is familiar with her breed and willing to work with her (She does love treats and praise). To keep her healthy and happy, she will require a securely fenced yard and a grain-free diet. Bonnie is top dog and quite particular about her friends. Bonnie successfully lived with a dog that she liked very much but would prefer to be your one and only. Because of her strength and protective nature, she would do best in a cat and child-free home.

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