Starting your own business can be daunting and stressful. Even if your company has been running successfully for a few years, there can still be a feeling of “I wish I knew how to…” or “It feels like no one can help me with…”

thurston county economic development council lacey wa
The EDC can be found near at the SPSCC Lacey campus. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

However, local business owners are not alone in Thurston County thanks to the Thurston County Economic Development Council (EDC). The Thurston County EDC has a mission to create a dynamic and sustainable economy that supports the values of the people who live and work in Thurston County. Some of their actions include:

  • Connecting local businesses with experts and resources.
  • Developing strategic messages that attract new investment into our community.
  • Enhancing our collective prosperity and encourage our economic future.
  • Ensuring that Thurston County has an appropriate role on the regional economic stage.

On February 7, 2018, the EDC hosted an open house event for local business owners to learn more about all that the EDC can offer them to help them succeed. Attendees explored the EDC’s Center for Business and Innovation while also learning about the five focus areas of the Thurston County Economic Alliance (TCEA).

Celia nightingale thurston edc
Celia Nightingale plays a key role in connecting local businesses with the resources they need. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

“We want to recognize how many players there are in building the Thurston County economy and while the EDC is a major player, we are talking about the TCEA tonight which is bringing together many other organizations,” said Celia Nightingale, Director of the Center for Business and Innovation. “This will help recognize the roles that the TCEA plays and ensure that efforts aren’t duplicated but instead build bridges to fill gaps and expand.”

Be sure to check out the EDC’s calendar of events for future events and workshops.

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