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Are you living with or worried about someone suffering from chronic back pain? If you or someone you love has been suffering from low back pain to the point where you can’t walk then you need to read this and sign up for our free low back pain workshop this week on February 15 from 6:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m. Space is limited.

It will go over the causes of back pain and you will leave with an idea of what causes your pain and what to do about it. Imagine…A life where you can sleep at night without tossing and turning, hoping to find one position where the pain stops. A life where you can wake up in the morning and not take 20 minutes to get out of bed… and then another 20 minutes to put on your sock and shoes, always restricted by a back so stiff and tight. A life where you can pick up and play with your kids without worrying when your back is going to “go out” and leave you crippled on the floor. A life where you can do and enjoy all the things you see so many others doing and enjoying but your bad back has kept you watching from the side-lines.

… Basically, a life without the curse of back pain.

If You Feel Let Down, Disappointed, And Even Skeptical About What Can Be Done To Help You, Then Read On…

My name is Jennifer Penrose, Lacey’s leading low-back pain specialist, and I have been helping people live with much less back pain for more than a decade now – all across the state.

And what we know now is that so many people are confused by the advice they’ve previous been given, unsure about why it didn’t work out… perhaps even skeptical about their best chances of living with less back pain in the future…and that’s why I created this one hour Back Pain Workshop – and decided to make it free to residents of Lacey.

When you attend, first you’ll discover just how many other options that are available to you – and how safe and simple they are – then we think you’ll agree with the many attendees who’ve already gone before you who now say it truly is possible to get relief from chronic low-back pain, even if you’ve suffered for 20 years or more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn At This New Workshop: 

What causes back pain and more importantly what causes your back pain and some beginning tips to stop it and move around in your day without pain!

We will go over these myths:

  • Myth 1: Back injuries on rare
  • Myth 2: You need a flexible back
  • Myth 3: To avoid a back injury you need a strong back
  • Myth 4: Bend your knees when you lift
  • Myth 5: Suck in your belly to work the core
  • Myth 6: Sit ups and crunches give you a six pack

You will learn some exercises to start on immediately.

If you want to start on this journey of understanding your back pain and taking control of it then attend this workshop on Thursday February 15 from 6:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.

Register on the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website. 

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