All the paperwork of day-to-day life multiplies exponentially in the face of an injury. “The fiberglass has barely dried on your cast when you are bombarded with requests and paperwork from doctors, law enforcement, and insurance companies. You’re confused and overwhelmed by all the questions about your accident” and this is where a personal injury attorney can help.

Olympia’s Putnam Lieb Potvin, has spent the last 35 years caring for our community. A team of four attorneys and 12 support staff dedicate their time and resources to helping people who have been injured at work or due to someone else’s negligence.

With any personal injury claim, it’s vital to seek advice as early as possible. A free consultation with their legal team can give you a roadmap to follow and identify early road blocks that may affect your ability to fully recover your medical bills, wage loss, and other compensation. The attorney can help by:

  1. Determining the facts of the accident early “so the disputes about liability and fault are not compromised with ‘aged’ information or memory loss.”
  2. Advising against signing statements or medical releases which may later damage a fair trial or financial compensation.
  3. Having your case referred to medical specialists or other experts to establish the full extent of damage.
  4. Estimating case value.
  5. Negotiating reimbursements to your medical providers and health insurance companies.
  6. Facilitating an open discussion about whether or not to file suit and advice about mediation, arbitration, or pre-trial settlement.

Hiring an attorney also protects clients from being taken advantage of by large insurance agencies who have their own best interest at heart and will pressure you for an early and inadequate settlement. They may do it in a way that makes you think it is a good idea. Gone are the days of bullying tactics. Modern claims managers are well trained in the art of communication. They may befriend you, charm you, make promises they can’t keep. It will only be after you have signed and committed to the settlement that you will realize you were bamboozled.

The attorneys at Putnam Lieb Potvin know that your livelihood is a serious matter. They will act as your intermediary with the insurance company to maintain objectivity and ensure a fair result. The consultation is free. There’s no reason to wait. In the face of an accident, contact Putnam Lieb Potvin at 360-754-7707 first.


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