For DIY enthusiasts, landowners and contractors, the opening of N C Machinery’s Lacey branch will make it easier to become well-equipped for construction and renovation projects in Thurston County. Over the years, N C Machinery has become a reliable source for Caterpillar construction and power systems products, serving locales across Washington State and beyond. And with N C Machinery’s newest expansion into the South Sound, local customers won’t have to travel far to find new, used and rental Caterpillar vehicles and equipment.

“We’ve been a Caterpillar dealer for over 90 years,” says Troy Hickey, senior vice president for N C Machinery. “We do business in 15 different communities across Washington and Alaska, with the addition of Lacey coming on board.”

N C Machinery's lacey branch sign
N C Machinery carries new, used and rental equipment to fit the needs of different construction, industrial or home renovation projects. Photo courtesy: N C Machinery

Construction Equipment Rental in Lacey

As the demand for construction vehicles and rentals continues to grow in Western Washington, the team at N C Machinery found it important to expand where the business can be the most convenient to its customer base. Over the past two decades, N C Machinery has opened more locations along the I-5 corridor, including in Fife and Monroe. Hickey says it is currently the right time to continue expansion into Thurston County and meet customer demand through the new Lacey branch.

“Lacey is the next logical location for us there,” says Hickey. “As our product line has continued to expand and we have more smaller products, the need for us to be closer to our customers continues to grow and we continue to add locations. The other part of that is our rental business continues to grow, and we do more to expand the offering we have through our rental operation, our need to be closer to the customer, as well.”

N C Machinery’s Rental inventory includes Caterpillar equipment, as well as boom lifts, light towers, water trucks and generators. Photo courtesy: N C Machinery

As a full-service Caterpillar dealer, N C Machinery is involved in the sale, rental, service and parts for Caterpillar engines and equipment. Caterpillar equipment can be useful in a variety of projects related to construction, home renovation, paving, mining, waste management and agriculture.

N C Machinery offers new and used Caterpillar equipment for purchase. For customers in need of a temporary solution, or for those wanting to try a machine before they purchase, N C Machinery also offers rental equipment. In addition, N C Machinery provides parts and services forequipment that may need repair or maintenance.

N C Machinery carries equipment of different sizes to fit the needs of different construction or home projects. Some equipment in the fleet includes tractors, wheel loaders and excavators.

Caterpillar equipment can be useful in a variety of projects related to construction, home renovation, paving, mining, waste management and agriculture. Photo courtesy: N C Machinery

Need Help with Equipment Rentals in Thurston County? N C Machinery’s Here to Help

At N C Machinery’s Lacey branch, customers can look forward to new equipment for purchase from Caterpillar’s full line. There will also be a lineup of used equipment and rental fleet equipment on hand. Rental inventory includes Caterpillar vehicles and equipment, as well as products that are important for construction and industrial projects, including boom lifts, light towers, sweepers, water trucks, mud buggies and generators.

Having a local N C Machinery branch will be an in-demand resource for South Sound residents and business owners, as the company’s Caterpillar Rental Store carries equipment that is especially useful for contractors, renovation and DIY projects. As the company settles into its newest location and as the team at the Lacey branch continues to grow, Hickey also predicts that inventory and services will continue to expand.

Close up of a Caterpillar machine
Whether looking to rent or purchase, the knowledgeable staff at N C Machinery’s Lacey branch will be there to help along the way. Photo courtesy: N C Machinery

Those new to shopping for construction equipment in Lacey can rest easy when visiting N C Machinery, as knowledgeable staff are on hand to help customers find the right equipment for the job. Staff in the reception area, located by the main entrance, can help direct customers to the right department for their needs, including sales, rental and parts. And, if customers are interested in learning more about specific vehicles or equipment, a dedicated sales representative at the Lacey branch can help answer any questions that may arise.

“At N C Machinery, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service,” says Jon Garner, branch manager for N C Machinery in Lacey. “Our team of knowledgeable professionals is ready to assist and answer any questions our customers may have. We extend a warm welcome to the residents of Lacey, and promise to deliver unmatched support and premium equipment every day. We look forward to serving the Lacey community for many years to come.”

To learn more about N C Machinery’s new Lacey branch, or the vehicles, equipment and services available through N C Machinery, visit the N C Machinery website.


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