Puget Sound Energy Launches Programs To Encourage Customers To Reduce Energy Use

Customers earn rewards for helping manage energy demand


Submitted by Puget Sound Energy

Conserving energy is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing heating and cooling bills when electricity demand spikes during cold snaps and heat waves. PSE is launching programs for residential and business customers to modify the way they use energy – particularly when they use it. These programs are voluntary and use smart technology to smooth out the demand for energy when it’s at its highest.  

PSE’s demand response programs are a proactive strategy designed to preserve capacity on the grid during peak times of use, such as extreme heat or cold, and act as a virtual power plant, ensuring everyone has access to energy when they need it most. By participating in demand response events, customers can earn rewards via digital gift cards and rebates.

“We are empowering our customers to take control of their energy usage while enjoying the financial benefits of energy conservation,” said PSE’s Senior Vice President, Chief Customer and Transformation Officer Aaron August. “Through seamless integration with smart home technologies, customers can actively participate in meeting our region’s growing energy needs while saving on their utility bills.”

PSE plans to continue its demand response programs this winter and into the future as customers who enroll receive messages asking them to curb usage when demand is expected to be high, and freezing temperatures or heat waves are in the forecast. Customers can sign up for the program that best fits their needs to save energy during peak times. Financial incentives are available and vary by program type. PSE offers both residential and commercial demand response programs including:

  • Flex Smart: Residential electric customers with AMI smart meters who heat and/or cool their homes with PSE electricity and own a compatible smart thermostat will get an alert that demand is high and PSE will adjust customer’s device during a specific time period. The customer can opt out at any time. Additional details about Flex Smart may be found at pse.com/flexsmart.
  • Flex Rewards: Residential electric customers with AMI smart meters who heat and cool with PSE electricity may get an alert and will be asked to reduce their energy usage in advance of a peak period. More program information is available at the PSE website.
  • PSE Business Demand Response: Through our no-cost Business Demand Response program, business and industrial customers will have the flexibility to curtail their energy usage during peak demand periods, ensuring operational efficiency, cost savings and minimizing the need for additional power generation. Learn more and/or apply for a 1-1 consultation at the PSE website.
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