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At Providence Swedish, community investment is one of many ways we support and strengthen our communities. By investing through Community Benefit funding, Providence Swedish is fostering a positive impact on the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Consistent with our Mission, Providence Swedish is dedicated to identifying and supporting the health needs of our communities.

One area of service that receives Community Benefit funding support is Providence Behavioral Health & Recovery, located in Lacey. This program aligns with the Providence Swedish South Puget Sound Community Health Assessment in terms of both access to care and health equity. In 2022, the net Community Benefit for Behavioral Health & Recovery was nearly $200,000. The Community Benefit funding goes towards the costs of operating the center and the services we provide.

Transforming Lives

Providence Behavioral Health & Recovery (previously known as Providence St. Peter Chemical Dependency Center) provides a range of essential mental health and substance use disorder treatment services and support to individuals on an outpatient basis. Unlike inpatient services, where patients stay at the facility overnight, outpatient services allow patients to attend group therapy and counseling sessions during the day or evening and return home afterward.

Our outpatient services are designed to address a variety of substance use and mental health concerns. For adolescents, we focus on substance use disorder treatment, but for adults our services range from substance use disorder treatment to mental health treatment, and co-occurring treatment. In addition to that, we offer treatment for problem gambling disorder and tobacco cessation education.

Treatment is individualized. For example with physical therapy, patients are evaluated and then it is determined what treatment plan is best for their needs, including how long it may take. The average length of treatment varies depending on the recommended treatment plan. Intensive outpatient individuals meet for group therapy three times a week for three hours. Once a person completes that level of care, treatment can range from 5 weeks for mental health to 12 weeks for substance use disorder, depending on what their needs are.

The center accepts walk-ins for substance use disorder assessments. Self-referrals are accepted. An attorney, probation officer, primary care physician, and other mental health agencies may also make referrals. Staff from inpatient facilities for mental health and substance use disorder can refer patients to come to us for our outpatient services as continuing care.  

Providence Behavioral Health & Recovery has a dedicated team of professionals who work together to ensure patients have the support they need. The team consists of substance use disorder professionals, licensed mental health counselors, social workers, an aspiring licensed marriage and family therapist and agency affiliated counselors.

“We work with a patient population that is often forgotten in a lot of other settings, including healthcare. They are not always getting the services they need, and our staff are very dedicated to helping folks improve their lives, and, in many cases, help save lives,” says Jennifer Holmes, Operations Manager at Behavioral Health & Recovery.

The journey of recovery requires lots of patience, compassion, and support. For this reason, the center is planning on bringing back family night. Once a month a potluck is hosted where patients can bring their family, ask questions, and learn how to support their loved one through treatment. Family members may also attend an individual session with them.

“We appreciate the relationships we build with our patients. For some, this is the only safe place they have during the day, and for them to give us that compliment, that trust, and to say, ’I feel safe here.’ I’m very proud of that,” says Krissy Duenow, Clinical Supervisor at Behavioral Health & Recovery.

Enhancing Access to Quality Care

Community Benefit refers to positive contributions and support provided by individuals, organizations, or businesses to address community needs and challenges as well as enhance the well-being of the community they serve. It is one way Providence Swedish fulfills its charitable purpose as a not-for-profit health system.

Every three years, Providence Swedish South Puget Sound conducts a community health needs assessment to identify what help is needed in our local communities. From that, Providence Swedish develops a community health improvement plan that identifies the ways in which the hospitals will invest in those needs. The allocation of funding is critical to ensuring resources are used effectively to benefit the community.

Community Benefit funding enables areas of service such as the Providence Behavioral Health & Recovery to continue to offer support and promote empathy towards individuals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. By supporting this center, we acknowledge the importance of comprehensive care that nurtures the whole person.

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Providence Behavioral Health & Recovery
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