For those who are indoors piecing quilts and crafting or using their sewing skills to create works of art as “sewists,” this year’s soggy winter brought good news. Stitches Quilt & Craft, a new sewing and quilting shop, opened in Olympia on January 7.

heritage bank LogoAnd here’s a bonus — the shop is across the street from the recently relocated Lost & Found Crafts. This proximity means their shared corner on Martin Way is a perfect stop for those who love the crafting arts.

Stitches Quilt & Craft Moves to Olympia

Stitches Quilt & Craft owner Adrienne Wilkie has been sewing for many years. “I have been sewing since I was about 10 years old,” she writes on her website. “I can remember learning how to use a sewing machine by drawing lines on a piece of paper, removing the thread out of the machine and having to ‘trace’ all the lines.”

Wilkie recently reflected on more of her sewing history as she was preparing for the grand opening of her new store in Olympia. “I learned how to sew clothes first,” she says. “In high school, I learned to do quilting. In my high school you had to do a senior project to graduate. I did mine on quilting.”

group of people cutting the ribbon
Stitches Quilt & Craft owner Adrienne Wilkie (center) with happy customers at the January 7 grand opening of her new store on Martin Way. Photo courtesy: Adrienne Wilke

Wilkie says that she had always toyed with the idea of opening a shop. She first launched Stiches Quilt & Craft in Westport in 2019 and in January 2023 moved the business to Olympia. Her shop offers fabrics, notions, patterns and books, supplies, Janome sewing machines and a space for classes and sewing guilds to meet. The décor features sewing machines of many generations.

“I’m excited,” says Wilkie of the Olympia move. “It’s an opportunity to reach more people and to learn from them, and to teach.”

Sewing, Crafting and Quilting Classes in Olympia

Wilkie plans to teach sewing classes and hire other instructors. “I like teaching and I like meeting new people,” says Wilkie. “It’s nice to have a common hobby, obsession, love and joy.”

Stitches Quilt & Craft owner Adrienne Wilkie stands before a striking leaf quilt in her new shop in Olympia.
Stitches Quilt & Craft owner Adrienne Wilkie stands before a striking leaf quilt in her new shop in Olympia. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

Beginning in March, Wilkie will offer classes on sewing, quilting and crafting. “They will cover from beginners who are sewing and quilting to experienced,” she says of the classes. “You can always learn something. There is always a new technique.”

In addition, she anticipates offering summer classes to kids during school breaks. “We believe that crafting is not limited to any age or gender group- but should be enjoyed by all!” Wilkie explains on her website.

The Olympia Quilt Shop is ‘Live’ on Facebook on Fridays

Wilkie has a website and is on Instagram and Facebook. She says she is using social media to bring quilters and crafters into her shop, including via a weekly “breaking news” segment. “Every Friday at 5:30 I go live on Facebook,” she says. “We open new fabric together. I talk about anything that’s going to happen. I walk people around. I ask, ‘What products do you want?’ ‘Do you like pre-cuts?’ It’s like having a coworker that I can bounce ideas off of.”

Visit Stitches & Craft’s Booth at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo

shelves of bolts of fabric at Stitches Quilt & Craft in Olympia
Stitches Quilt & Craft in Olympia offers fabric, notions, sewing machines, patterns, and a place for sewists and crafters to meet. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

Also look for Wilkie in her booth at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo (“SewExpo”) on the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup March 2-5. “I think this is the largest sewing event west of the Mississippi,” says Wilkie. “It’s huge. It’s been around for over 40 years. There are classes for all types of sewing, home decoration, fashion, quilting and knitting.”

Washington State University produces the expo. Wilkie will join other vendors offering products and classes for sewists of all levels. The expo also features sewing-themed entertainment such as nationally known designer and author Nick Verreos of Project Runway, who will discuss his career in fashion.

Joint Grand Opening with Lost & Found Crafts

Stitches Quilt & Craft is across the street from the relocated Lost & Found Crafts which offers new and donated craft supplies like those pictured here. Both stores on Martin Way held grand openings on January 7. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

Wilkie’s shop is located at 2607 Martin Way E, Suite 211, in a space formerly occupied by a bank. She held a joint opening celebration for Stiches Quilt & Craft with Lost & Found Crafts, which had also moved in January from its former location nearby. Lost & Found Crafts is now at 2600 Martin Way E, Suite C, just across the street from Stitches Quilt & Craft. Lost & Found provides new and used craft supplies. It also offers a classroom area, machine rentals, and accepts donated craft supplies.

The rainy months means it’s a perfect time to sew, quilt and craft. And while you are at it, make a point to stop into Stiches Quilt & Craft and Lost & Found Crafts, now located across the street from each other on the corner of Martin Way East and Phoenix Street Southeast.

Stitches Quilt & Craft
2607 Martin Way E, Suite 211, Olympia

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