Submitted by Dr. Jennifer Penrose of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

I have put together a 9 page report with details and links to articles on seven simple effective ways to burn fat. I will outline them here but if you want the detailed free report as to how these 7 tips really work please go here to download your free copy.

  1. Start resistance training (more muscle means a higher metabolism)
  2. Eat more lean protein (keeps you full and helps you burn more fat)
  3. Fill up on Fiber (keeps you full! & prevents colon cancer)
  4. Keep your net carbs down to single digits or low double digits(label reading 101)
  5. Get more sleep! (lack of sleep alters hunger hormones)
  6. Eat healthy fats (reduces appetite and hunger)
  7. Drink healthier beverages (drinking water before the meal helps with weight loss)

Those are 7 great starting points that can lead to great results over time. If you want to jump start your efforts besides these 7 free tips then you may want to join our 8 week weight-loss hybrid program.

Do you want step by step guidance to get the most out of your efforts? Then join us – any time that works for you as the content is delivered electronically via email. Coaching can be in person and via phone & text.

With our program you start off optimizing your results with lots of Fiber/vegetables so your efforts really pay off quickly. Most people will lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks due to the change of eating so clean and very regularly to speed up your metabolism. Then after your stabilize and continue the habits you tend to lose 1 lb a week. Do you get tired of chicken and salads and struggle with new healthy ideas that taste good? Then you need to join us. If you want recipes that have healthy fats, lean proteins, & delicious ways to have all kinds of veggies then you will love the menu plans that have been put together by dieticians and nutritionists. You have to find new favorites to make this lifestyle a habit.

This way of eating is also an anti-inflammatory way of eating and most people notice a difference in their joints within the first few weeks. Additionally loosing 10 lbs = 40 lbs of pressure taken off your knees or back. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have improved their mobility and function with the weight loss. Are you struggling with joint pain due to weight or inflammation? Then this program would be great for you.

This program is a “low glycemic impact” eating program. This means the style of eating keeps your blood sugar stable and we have had several diabetics get off their insulin and are incredibly pleased that through the education of the program they know how to keep their blood sugar stable by eating this way. You see when your blood sugar spikes (like after eating a bagel or most cereals) or crashes your body goes into fat storage mode. However, when you keep it stable you feel better and your body won’t store the excess as fat. If you struggle with keeping your energy level or your blood sugar in a stable healthy zone then this program is for you.

Again please download the FREE 7 tips to turn you into a fat burning machine.  This is a great start. I also interviewed a few people on my podcast regarding their journey doing our 8 week TLS weight loss program. You can give it listen on Itunes or where ever you listen to podcasts on “Stay Healthy South Sound.” 

You can also email us at info@penrosept.com if you’d like more information.

The author, Jennifer Penrose, is a Physical Therapist and owner of Penrose Physical Therapy located at 1445 Galaxy Drive NE Suite 301 Lacey WA. Visit the Penrose Physical Therapy website or call 360-456-1444. Penrose Physical Therapy is dedicated to transforming people’s lives and getting them back to what they love.

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