Many business owners have a vision in their mind of the perfect space for their brand. Whether they are ready to implement that vision from the start, or after years of hard work, Venture Commercial Construction (VCC) is here to bring your commercial space to life. Founded and locally operated by partners Andy Morris and Sean Sipe, Venture Construction comes with the experience, knowledge and service needed to create the commercial space you have been waiting for.

A Background in Commercial Construction

Andy Morris headshot
Andy Morris has been in the commercial construction industry his entire life and is eager to bring his years of experience to Venture Construction projects. Becoming a business owner himself has given him great insight into the life of an entrepreneur, so he is ready to provide a seamless experience for business owners looking for renovation help. Photo courtesy: Venture Commercial Construction

Andy has been in the commercial construction and renovation business for as long as he can remember. His family owned and operated J.A. Morris Construction, so he jumped right in to help the family business when he was still in high school. “I started in high school working summers,” Andy recalls. “Mostly sweeping jobs out, demoing, picking stuff up, all the jobs of a general laborer. Out of high school I decided I wanted to stay and learn with my boots on the ground.” Andy spent many years involved on job sites and eventually progressed into higher level responsibilities when he was promoted to superintendent. He spent his time running commercial projects on site, scheduling meetings with subcontractors, and coordinating with inspectors to keep the jobs running smoothly from start to finish.

From there he graduated into project management and oversaw the big picture items to execute and implement exceptional work in the business community. JA Morris took on a commercial renovation project for Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy in Tumwater, which was when Andy first began working with Sean. Together they made a great team and after much consideration, Andy decided to leave J.A. Morris in 2019 to pursue his own business. “I did project management and worked as a special consultant,” Andy shares. “Sean was his own contractor and hired me to run his tenant improvement project at his Yelm office. He really enjoyed being around the construction process, and he and I were talking one day and decided to try this business venture.”

Cost-Effective and Quality Commercial Projects with Venture Commercial Construction

VCC officially established in spring of 2022 and has set out to provide exceptional quality in all of their commercial projects, all while maintaining competitive costs for any expanding business owner. “We want to help people with their construction needs and have that be a really good and fun process,” Andy shares. “I am very experienced in design build projects and can come up with solutions to make everything work with your business’s budgeting and goals.”

Andy Morris and Sean Sipe headshot
Andy Morris (right) and Sean Sipe met during a project for Sean’s other business, Inspire Physical Therapy. They hit it off and decided to go into business together by opening Venture Commercial Construction in spring of 2022. Photo courtesy: Venture Commercial Construction

Although they do not offer financing, they work hard to come up with innovative and effective solutions to focus your dollars on the key pieces and minimize unnecessary costs on the back-end. “I also have a good working relationship with Heritage Bank and highly recommend them, though each individual is welcome to pursue their own process for securing funding for their project,” says Andy.

Customer service and quality are major priorities for VCC. Even small-scale renovation projects can feel overwhelming, let alone more involved, intense rebuilds. Andy has an extensive background in commercial construction and is eager to share his experience with business owners to help find the right solutions for them. “My primary focus is on meeting with owners and walking through their project needs and vision,” he says. “I then work to put the right team together to make that a reality.” Currently, VCC utilizes the expertise and skills of qualified and experienced subcontractors and is licensed, bonded and insured for all of the work they do. With any minor or major commercial project, you can trust that Venture Construction will be able to fully execute your project and bring your space to life.

Support and Guidance for Your Commercial Improvement Project

Andy and Sean have found the construction world to be exciting and fulfilling, and they are eager to share their work with the community to bring innovation and expansion to business owners across Thurston County. “We are excited to have the possibility to work with people in our community and be a resource for them with their improvements or renovations,” shares Andy. Tackling a project like this can be daunting and uncertain, which is why Venture Construction provides complimentary consultations. Business owners can get their questions answered and have their current or potential space evaluated to better understand what their unique project will entail. “We can schedule a time to walk through the space or property that you wish to develop and go from there,” says Andy. “We have the knowledge to troubleshoot and identify issues before they arise so we can keep you on track with your project.”

If you’re ready to take your commercial space to the next level or expand your brand in a new spot, Venture Commercial Construction is ready to guide and support you every step of the way. Visit the Venture Commercial Construction website for more information, or call 360.239.6110 today to schedule your personal walk-through and get started on your improvement project right away.

Venture Commercial Construction
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