Melanie Bakala State Farm Talks About the Value of an Agent

Melanie Bakala State Farm Lacey office team photo
The helpful staff at the Melanie Bakala State Farm Lacey office makes sure you get all your insurance questions answered. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

Submitted by Melanie Bakala State Farm

In the digital age, more and more people have turned to the internet for research, shopping and insurance. While using the internet can make these transactions convenient, when it comes to insurance, using the internet alone when shopping has the potential to create gaps in coverage.

Melanie Bakala State Farm Shelton office team photo
The Melanie Bakala State Farm Shelton office is ready to serve you via phone, text or email. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

“Almost every insurance company offers easy ways to get quotes online, including State Farm,” said Melanie Bakala a State Farm agent. “But without talking to an insurance professional about your coverage may cause unexpected expenses if you have a loss.”

That’s why at Bakala’s two insurance offices in Shelton and Lacey, calls, texts and emails are answered by licensed insurance professionals.

“Our focus is to help people understand their insurance coverages and how they work,” Bakala said. “Our customers can call us, text us or email us with questions, and a local, licensed insurance professional will be there to take care of them.”

While most companies have made the move to having customers wait in call queues, Bakala’s office focuses on helping customers in a different way. “We focus on answering every call that comes in to our office, and responding to texts promptly,” she said. “There are times where many calls come in at once, and every representative is on a call or with a customer. When that happens, customers can leave a message, and we get back to them promptly.”

So when you are shopping for insurance online at 11 p.m., make sure to take the time to talk to a local, licensed insurance representative before finalizing the policy. “We find that when people are focused on the final price, they don’t always realize that coverages they need are missing,” said Bakala. “That our value, helping people make sure they have the coverage they need.”


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