To Go Food in Olympia

Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza Ingredients Pizza Preperation
Stone Creek prepares as many ingredients from scratch as possible, including the pizza dough and red sauce. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

One great joy of living in Thurston County is the many different and delicious local restaurants we are lucky enough to have in our neighborhood. Even during COVID-19, many local restaurants have adapted to make sure we still have the chance to experience quality food and take a break from cooking and dishes. If you are looking for to go food in Olympia or restaurants with curbside or delivery, check out this list.

The Shipwreck Café

244 Madrona Beach Road NW, Olympia

The Shipwreck Cafe, located right by the water on Madrona Beach Road, offers a variety of mouthwatering food options. Everything from breakfast specials, steaks, ribs, burgers, and freshly caught seafood. The food is described as home style cooking, and truly lives up to expectations. If you are looking for a stomach filling meal with the novel atmosphere of seaside excitement, the Shipwreck Cafe is the place to go. For more information visit the Shipwreck cafe website.

Well 80 Brewery and Brewpub
514 4th Avenue E, Olympia

Well 80 is well-known for their artesian in-house ales and lagers. Pair your favorite drinks with amazing to-go food. Their extensive menu includes appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and salads. New and very popular is their brown bag breakfast, a to-go feast for the taste buds available for Sunday morning pick-ups. For more information, visit the Well 80 website.

Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza

4138 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia

Open for takout in their new home, Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza is known for their amazing crust and of course, those mouth-watering made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls. If you would like to buy a pizza to enjoy later, ask them about their second bake option, it’s a great way to have fresh Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza when you want it! Visit the Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza website for more information about changes and how to order.

Blue Heron Bakery’s delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake now available for pickup. Order quick, as they sell out very fast due to demand! Photo courtesy: Blue Heron Bakery

Blue Heron Bakery

4419 Harrison Avenue NW #108, Olympia

Founded in 1977, the Blue Heron Bakery has continued baking with the main goals of building community and creating delicious, natural food. Blue Heron currently offers dozens of Thanksgiving foods and pastries for everyone celebrating in the age of the Coronavirus, including mouthwatering homemade pies (everything from simple apple pie to pumpkin cheesecake pie) and homemade potato rolls. This is a perfect place to go for food buffs or those with special diets. They specialize in handmade food with natural ingredients. Make sure to order quickly, as they sell out fast! For more information, visit the Blue Heron Bakery Facebook page.

King Solomen’s Reef

212 4th Avenue East, Olympia

Good news, King Solomen’s Reef is back! This greatly adored restaurant’s style perfectly captures the culture of spunky and energetic Olympia. King Solomen’s Reef is a classic American Diner, with comfort food as well as veggie choices and signature drinks (both their famous milkshakes and alcoholic beverages). They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. King Solomen’s Reef is an absolute necessity for anyone craving the full Olympia experience. For more information visit King Solomen’s Reef’s website.

Budd Bay Café

525 Columbia Street NW, Olympia

Budd Bay Cafe offers one of the most breathtaking views in Thurston County. An air of class surrounds this wonderful and welcoming local restaurant. The Budd Bay Cafe offers service 7 days a week. All three meals are available, as well as happy hour and Sunday Buffet. Fresh food of all kinds (from local seafood to juicy steaks) can be bought at this beautiful restaurant.

For more information visit Budd Bay Cafe’s website.

A picture proving Big Tom’s has mastered the art of burger making. This fun loving atmosphere is all the more tempting when paired with food choices like this! Photo courtesy: Big Tom’s

Big Tom’s

2023 4th Avenue E, Olympia

If you are looking for a classic, grade A burger joint in Thurston County, look no further than Big Tom’s. This dinosaur-infested restaurant offers dozens of burger options as well as sandwiches, hot dogs and milkshakes. A tasty and filling meal that can be appreciated by everyone. This restaurant is the perfect place for a family meal, and is one of the most playful places to eat in Thurston County. Make sure to look out for the Mystery Machine while you are there! For more information, visit Big Tom’s website.

Basilico Ristorante

507 Capitol Way S #A, Olympia

An elegant restaurant with an Olympia atmosphere, the Basilico Ristorante is a great Italian dining opportunity. Delicious food can be ordered, or they also offers homemade uncooked pasta and sauces to take home and prepare yourself. For those with sensitives or allergies, they have a wonderful gluten free menu. Be sure to check out their many wine options. The beauty of the Basilico Ristorante is the local feel it provides to a fancy atmosphere. For more information, visit Basilico Ristorante’s website.

Character’s Corner

6620 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia

Character’s Corner is a favorite of its community. It is not hard to see why. The place offers a nice personal feel, good service, and delicious food and drinks. Character’s Corner is inviting and cares for its customers, while adding a slight mischievous playfulness to the atmosphere. This restaurant and bar is the place to go if you are looking for everything from steak and seafood to nachos and egg rolls. For more information, visit Character’s Corner’s Facebook page

A sample of one of Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar’s completely fresh seafood options. Photo courtesy: Chelsea Farms

Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

222 Capitol Way N, Olympia

Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar is the quintessential Puget Sound experience. All seafood is taken straight from Chelsea Farms, and is as fresh as can be. Everything from smoked salmon rolls and geoduck tartare, to woodfired pizza and famous baked oysters it found on their menu. Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar is a restaurant dedicated to its community and its legacy of shellfish farmers, and is an excellent choice for any seafood lover. For more information visit Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar’s website.

Koibito Sushi Japanese Restaurant

1707 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia

Kobito Sushi has one goal: create everything with care and love. All food options are made with the freshest of ingredients. They offer creative and stylized meals with house-made sauces. Koibito Sushi treats every customer like family, creating a wonderful community environment. Serving Japanese food of all types, this restaurant is not to be missed. For more information, visit Koibito Sushi’s website.

Tugboat Annie’s

2100 W Bay Drive NW, Olympia

An easygoing restaurant with a wonderful maritime feel. Tugboat Annie’s offers everything from burgers to steaks to seafood. This restaurant is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to understand the attraction and beauty of living by the water. For more information, visit Tugboats Annie’s website.

Emperor’s Palace, while famous for their Chinese food, offers a range of meal choices, including the steak and salad shown above. Photo courtesy: The Emperor’s Palace

Emperor’s Palace

400 Cooper Point Rd, Olympia – 360-352-0777
7321 Martin Way E, Lacey – 360-923-2323

The Emperor’s Palace has been in the Chinese food business for 30 years. Staying loyal to Thurston County they have two restaurants, one in Olympia and one in Lacey. With years of experience and an owner born in Hong Kong, The Emperor’s Palace offers top notch Chinese food everyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a delicious Chinese restaurant to try, look no further. For more information, visit Emperor’s Palace’s website.

Cooper Point Public House

3002 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia

Cooper Point Public House is perfect for anyone needing a quick bite to eat with a simple but delicious menu. This restaurant offers various burgers, clam chowders, chicken sliders, wings, and salads all with a local touch. Cooper Point Public House now has a drive thru set-up. For more information visit Cooper Point Public House’s website.

Gardner’s Seafood and Pasta

111 Thurston Avenue NW, Olympia

The Gardner’ Seafood and Pasta has the best of both worlds: an elegant building with a cozy interior. They offer fresh Puget Sound seafood and delicious belly-filling pasta. Everything is homemade at this family-owned restaurant. Besides delicious seafood and pasta, they also serve a cornucopia of mouthwatering desserts and hand-crafted cocktails. If you are a fan of local wines, this is also the place to go. For more information visit Gardner’ Seafood and Pasta’s website.

Hash, famous for their hash browns, also offer beautiful burrito options like the one shown here. The perfect breakfast joint to visit. Photo courtesy: Hash


1807 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia

For all breakfast lovers out there, Hash is the place to be. Named Hash after their famous assortment of hash browns, this breakfast restaurant offers three full pages worth of morning foods. Everything from burritos and smoked ham to pancakes with whip cream, this place has dozens of mouthwatering options for a lazy morning breakfast. For more information visit Hash’s website.

The Rambling Restaurant Group

111 Market Street NE, Olympia – 360-528-3363
2505 4th Avenue W #108, Olympia -360-754-3393
1336 Rush Road, Chehalis – 360-748-6066

The Rambling Restaurant Group is a local organization dedicated to making and distributing delicious food to customers. Their restaurants range from fine dining to casual, but one thing they all share is remarkable service and delicious options. Rib Eye is a delicious and classic roadside diner, Mercato Ristorante is an upscale restaurant with scratch made Italian food, and I.talia Pizzeria serves smooth classic pizza with homemade salads. For more information visit Ramblin Restaurant Group’s website.

Old School Pizzeria

108 Franklin Street SE, Olympia

Old School Pizzeria is the epiphany of cool. With an 80s hipster vibe and retro decor, no place quite has the same atmosphere as this pizzeria. Old School serves pizzas of all kinds, and are famous for nailing the New York style pies while still making it very much an Olympia luxury. Among their many pies they also offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. For more information visit Old School Pizzeria’s website.

Dirty Dave’s homemade Combination Pizza. Photo courtesy: Dirty Dave’s

Dirty Dave’s

3939 Martin Way E, Olympia

A pizza parlor with red leather seats and a classic arcade room, Dirty Dave’s is a community favorite, and it is no mystery why. With good food, a family friendly atmosphere, and a personal touch, Dirty Dave’s has done nothing but grow in quirkiness. Pizzas, dinners, and subs are offered at this restaurant, as are shirts, tanks, and beanies. All food is homemade with fresh ingredients. For more information, visit Dirty Dave’s website.

Mediterranean Breeze

2302 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia

The head chef of the Mediterrenean Breeze was born and raised in Turkey before immigrating to America at the age of 30, giving him personnel and distinct insight into the ins and outs of Turkish delicacies and hospitality. With all local ingredients and meals made completely from scratch, the Mediterrenean Breeze is not to be missed. Offering a delicious range of meals, most of which are wood fired, this restaurant is more than worth a visit. For more information, visit the Mediterrenean Breeze website.

Iron Rabbit Restaurant and Bar

2103 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia

With a rustic vibe and kid friendly atmosphere/menu, the Iron Rabbit is known not only for its delicious food but exceptional service. Some of the core values of the Iron Rabbit are environmental stewardship, community involvement, and a welcoming atmosphere. Their menu offers many creative burger options, delicious sandwiches, and inventive salads. A comfortable and kind place for any lunch or dinner, even in the age of the Coronavirus. For more information visit the Iron Rabbit Restaurant and Bar’s website.

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