Submitted by City of Lacey

Effective Friday, August 7, the beach and swimming area at Long Lake Park are closed. A combination of algae “scum” viewed on the surface and poor water visibility indicate the possibility of a toxic blue-green algae bloom.

Thurston County Health Department is in the process of testing the water to determine if algae toxins are present. They will continue testing water samples, weekly. The swim area will remain closed until a minimum of two results are under the advisory level of toxins for safe swimming.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, a combination of warm temperatures, sunlight, and nutrient-rich waters can cause blue-green algae to reproduce rapidly, known as “blooming.” Blue-green blooms usually float to the surface and can be several inches thick near the shoreline. Some blue-green algae can produce toxins or poisons, potentially causing illness in humans, pets, and other animals that are exposed to it. To learn more about blue-green algae, and what to do if you see an algae bloom, visit Washington State Department of Health website.

Further changes to Long Lake Park’s swim area will be posted on the City of Lacey’s website. 

For information about Long Lake Park, contact Jenny Wilson, Lacey Parks and Recreation, at JWilson@ci.lacey.wa.us or 360-491-0857.

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