You might call it a luxury, others would say it is essential. I’ll say that experiencing a manicure or and a pedicure is a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Yes, it’s possible to clip and file a few of your nails at home, but why? T-SPA NAILS in Tumwater has prepared the way for you to have a safe and relaxing experience. Owners Lily and Lam Han have been missing you. Their salon is taking every precaution to ensure your health and your satisfaction.

Lily and Lam, owners of T-SPA NAILS, are dedicated to the care and comfort of each customer and look forward to seeing you soon. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

“We know there are other salons,” said Lam, but he emphasizes that he and his team will do what it takes to serve their customers and exceed expectations. There is even a 24-hour hotline at 360-402-2051. People have always had concerns about cleanliness, but awareness is even greater now. T-SPA is following all Centers for Disease Control  (CDC) protocols that care for you and their team, including precautions like taking the temperatures of employees before and after their workday. “We have families, too,” said Lam, who knows people want to stay safe.

If you previously visited this neighborhood salon, it will look slightly different now. Individual manicure tables are separated from each other with sheets of plastic. A plexiglass window separates you from your manicurist. When you are seated in your deluxe lounger for a pedicure, customers are staggered to allow for adequate social distancing. Everyone – employees and customers – are wearing masks. Stations are wiped down between each use. Couples or other family groups can sit together.

It’s a neighborhood kind of place where people seem to know each other, but you can fit right in if you’re new. You’ll be greeted as you enter and asked to wash your hands, and then you can settle in. Monte Arnold, a happy customer for the past six years, appreciates the pampering. He gets both manicures and pedicures. “They treat me great and the people are fun to talk to,” he affirmed as he was receiving a manicure from Lily. His girlfriend was also on-site getting services.

Long time customer Monte Arnold takes time for a little personal pampering. He’s tried other places but likes his time at T-SPA NAILS best. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Maybe you have had a pedicure, maybe not. It’s a brilliant way to pass time resulting in stress relief, pretty toes and fabulously smooth feet. A vat of warm (to your desired temperature) water with aromatics welcomes your feet. While you are settling into your chair notice the control pad on the arm – it’s for the massager to assist in unknotting your back side. There are multiple settings, so try them all. My first pedicure didn’t happen until well into my adult life. A trip to Mexico was on the horizon and I thought, “Why not?” The color was a sizzling red shellac. I learned that before the polish was applied, there was first soaking, rubbing, filing, callous reducing, massaging, and a delicious delirium that filled me. That’s when I decided it was a minor luxury with a major return of well-being. Self-care is an excellent habit to acquire.

Some people like to bring a book or magazine.  I’ll suggest you put your phone away and simply appreciate the pleasures of the moment. The big screen on the wall runs adorable pet video clips that will make you laugh, smile and probably soften your heart.

Now here’s a novel idea: Sip a mimosa while your pedicure or manicure is unfolding. Really. T-SPA can serve you (if you are over 21-years-old). Imagine you and a friend taking a late afternoon break to catch up and beautify your nails, cocktail nearby. I can! It’s also great idea for couples.

Cleaning is done on each station between customer visits. Instruments are sterilized in the autoclave. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

T-SPA is open seven days a week. Lam and Lily have been in the nail business most of their lives. They are pleased to be raising their three boys here and appreciate living in the community. They don’t shy away from their demanding schedules and strive to make each custom visit a successful one.

The pandemic has challenged all of us. “It’s time to heal,” said Lam about business getting back to seeing their customers on a regular basis. Small businesses are integral to the health and survival of our towns. T-SPA’s continued focus on quality, service and sanitation will support your peace of mind as you venture out. The most important aspect of their business, according to Lam, is to provide the utmost in customer service. The pandemic has certainly changed the way we do business and go about our lives. Fortunately, there are now ways to be responsible during your salon visit.

You can call 360-352-2727 to make an appointment for nails or waxing. You can also just drop in. T-SPA NAILS is cleaned and ready to serve you in their safe and friendly salon.

T-SPA Nails
408 Cleveland Suite 101, Tumwater


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