The New Year energizes people to move ahead with goals for improved health, weight loss and exercise programs. It is essential to have clear intentions, yet it is even better to get support along the way to nurture your success. People begin with high hopes and become demoralized when the demands of work, family, and life allow junk food diets to creep in and exercise time to slip out the back door. Enter Maxine Johnson of TempleFit. Her nutrition therapy practice, along with her body training experience, can make her a powerful ally on your path to greater health.

Maxine Johnson uses nutritional therapy to help her clients achieve optimal health. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

“It’s not hard to find,” admits Maxine, about the countless detox programs available on the internet. She agrees that your body can benefit, appreciating the chance to rest from its usual daily activities with a cleanse. However, Maxine wants to make sure you and your body are ready to do your detox and then continue to move forward. What does that mean?

According to Maxine, a detox is about pulling toxins out of our organs. The parts of the body working hard during this process are the kidneys, intestines, spleen and the lymphatic system. “They need to be in top shape if you are going to tax them,” she explained. Therefore,

it is important to get them in optimal condition before you detox. Maxine can help you determine your current state of health and ready your body for an optimal cleanse.

TempleFit uses products from Standard Process, whose supplements come from whole foods. There are detox programs for 10, 21, or 28 days. Maxine prefers the 21-day program. The first 10 days eliminate dairy products, starchy carbohydrates, meat, grains and sugar. That leaves lots of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, nuts and seeds. The eliminated foods are common irritants to bodies, but people don’t recognize the symptoms. Bloating, gas, stubborn weight, sluggishness, poor sleeping and skin problems to name a few. After 10 days, foods are slowly introduced one a time. That way you can see the ways your body reacts and how you feel. Some allergic reactions to food happen immediately, which makes it easier to identify. Unfortunately, other foods don’t really cause much of reaction until 24 – 36 hours pass. This detox program can help you get clearer on what foods agree with you and which ones do not.

Essential to a detox program is filling your body with fresh vegetables. Local and organic are especially desirable. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Many people find that eating in a more plant centered way is easier than they expected. This detox does not require eating this way permanently, but it gives you the chance to experiment with more vegetables in your everyday eating. The Standard Process detox programs include supplements to aid you in your detox voyage. TempleFit will assist you with your specific needs.

Many people feel lighter and clearer after the detox. It is not necessarily a weight loss program, but it is a powerful tool to delineate your former way of eating to a newer, healthier style of eating. Maxine recommends undergoing a cleanse two to three times a year.

Here are a few more components for of a successful detox.

Moving your body

“The body is meant to move,” emphasized Maxine, who has dedicated a good portion of her life in the gym. Of course, you don’t have to go to the gym to work out. Walking is excellent and other outdoor activities are healthful and brain boosting, too. Exercise moves your organs and muscles. Perspiration is another way a body cleans itself out.

Dry Brushing

A natural, boar’s hairbrush can be used on your skin. Start with circular motions at your feet and work your way up your legs and torso and include your arms and back. It feels great and stimulates the skin.


The wet or dry heat of a sauna is relaxing and supports your detox efforts. TempleFit has a TheraSauna, which adds the benefits of infrared light.

Epsom Salt Bath

You can soak away your cares at home. Epsom salts are inexpensive and easy to find.

Using nutrition response testing, Maxine will hone in on your specific needs and get you set for a detox or another health-minded program. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

People are usually detoxing from over-eating sugar, processed foods, and alcohol, but you might also consider that we live in a toxic world. Exposure to hair dyes, nail salon fumes, plastics, cleaning products and other environmental products take a toll on our health. Detox is meant to address these issues, too.

Many of us are searching for ways to optimize our health, adding both quality and quantity to our lives. TempleFit cares about your well-being. Maxine is ready to accompany you along your wellness path. Discover awesome health.

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