Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines community as a unified body of individuals incorporating characteristics like joint ownership and participation, common character, social activity, and fellowship. In our hustle and bustle world, realtors and their staff interact with all aspects of a community when facilitating the sale or purchase of homes, businesses, land and gathering places. Olympia’s Greene Realty Group is doing even more by showcasing their much loved, Thurston County through #GRGcommunity.

Greene Realty Group Real Estate Thurston County GRGCommunity Salvation Army
The Greene Realty Group believes strongly in giving back to the Thurston County community that has blessed them with so much. Photo courtesy: Greene Realty Group

Greene Realty Group has always had a heart for the community. Since opening their doors in 2005, they’ve developed extensive knowledge and experience in all manner of real estate while consistently striving to maintain personal relationships and warm, interpersonal connections.

In 2018, their marketing department, owners, and staff sat down to talk about how to take this further. “We discussed how we could best leverage our reach within the community,” explains Matthew Guile, marketing director, and Arthur Dalessandro, community manager. Matthew liked the idea of online promotional videos that would spotlight community profiles.

“This is a really cool tool,” says Matthew, and this year the project really took on a life of its own. What began as casual vlogs featuring nearby local businesses has now become an ongoing series featuring events, community stories, and other non-profit focused opportunities under the #GRGcommunity theme and hashtag.

#GRGcommunity is an exciting prospect with lots of creative potential. The first few posts looked at ways of leveraging community goodwill and generosity, last minute summer fun tips, and why Thurston County is such a vital, thriving region.

Arthur looks for countywide community non-profits and organizations with a connection to Greene Realty. Some of these are offshoots from the established Greene Giving Fund, says Matthew. Employees and staff contribute between $10,000 and $20,000 annually and monies are distributed to groups that care for military families and veterans, education and kids, housing, and family support services.

Greene Realty Group Real Estate Thurston County GRGCommunity Greene Realty Group
#GRGCommunity is a social media campaign and vlog series spotlighting those who do good in and around Olympia. Photo courtesy: Greene Realty Group

Staff members can also suggest potential recipients, like the staffer who volunteers with South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity and recently nominated them for a potential project. Other suggestions are welcomed from clients, friends, and community members alike. If you have a group to recommend, simply email Arthur directly at and explain what makes them so special.

“If we just sat and told our story, that’s not success,” says Matthew. “Telling other people’s story is where we shine. We help buyers, sellers, renters, and businesses…that’s our success.”

Arthur agrees. “We all live in Thurston County, Greene Realty started in Thurston County,” he adds. “If we’re a part of this, we want our community to be the best it can possibly be.”

You can follow the #GRGcommunity blog posts on their website or through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. They hope to add new community content weekly with several new videos each month. “It’s all about starting conversations,” say Matthew and Arthur. “Come talk to us, we love to learn from the community that we’re a part of.”

Selling the family home, moving to a new city, or joining a new group can be scary. But there are always hometown heroes to step up and ease the transitional growing pains. A good realtor does more than simply show houses. They introduce you to the neighborhood and give you a slice-of-life glimpse into your newfound chosen community.

Greene Realty Group Real Estate Thurston County GRGCommunity Greene Giving Fund
Through the Greene Giving Fund and now their #GRGCommunity showcase, they benefit local non-profits throughout Thurston County. Photo courtesy: Greene Realty Group

A great realtor, however, gives back through donating time, money and energy to make that community even better. “How can we best serve the community that we live in? What’s my role in community? What is community’s role in my life?” muses Arthur in a recent blog. “It’s easy to move into a community and start reaping the benefits it has to offer, and after all that is what community is for. Communities exist for all of us, but that also requires involvement…Community is only as strong as those who are a part of it, so helping protect, aid, and foster what’s IN the community will help protect, aid, and foster THE community.”

So look for Greene Realty Group representatives at events like the Olympia Master Builder’s annual Big Home and Garden Show or Olympia Downtown Alliance’s Third Thursday activities. Or stop by their offices at 1722 Harrison Ave NW. Open seven days a week, there’s always someone on hand to chat about everything Thurston County has to offer. Share your story with Greene Realty so it can become part of our community story.


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