Intellitonic’s New eBook Seeks to Enhance Client Knowledge

Intellitonic eBook Staff Photo 1
Intellitonic wants to clarify digital marketing jargon. Photo courtesy: Intellitonic

Every industry has its jargon. Sometimes, the litany of terms can lead to miscommunication or confusion, especially between a business and its clients. Digital marketing is no different, and that’s why Bellingham-based Intellitonic has released a free eBook that’s a useful primer for understanding their industry.

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Since its founding in 2016, Intellitonic has grown to 11 employees and works with both local and national clients. Photo courtesy: Intellitonic

The book, “Digital Marketing Fundamentals,” is a 22-page read covering everything from digital marketing definitions to best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), link-building, blogging, social media and more.

Alex Bruner, who co-founded Intellitonic in 2016 with Jared Keller and Courtney Rambo, describes the eBook as a “primer to e-marketing” that started out as a “guide to other guides.”

“In our industry, there’s a big push for people to brand their different perspectives on how digital marketing should best be produced,” he says. “What tracking software you should use, how you should build your website, even which acronyms or terminology you use.”

The eBook began with as a few blog posts drafted and posted by a Western Washington University student over several months of her Intellitonic internship. She later compiled them into a draft eBook for the Intellitonic team and local test readers to review and edit.

“There are a lot of acronyms and ‘alphabet soup’ in digital marketing that people on the agency side tends to use to obfuscate what they’re doing to their clients. So, it’s important for us to not be that way. Our guide helps clear up a lot of the technical terms that confuse people,” Bruner said. Preventing that confusion, he adds, helps all parties.

“If we can educate our prospective clients to terminology, and what kinds of goals and conversions they can expect, then they’ll have a better relationship with us in the long run,” he says.

Intellitonic eBook Cover
Intellitonic’s new eBook is 22 pages of directions to navigate the world of digital marketing terminology. Photo courtesy: Intellitonic

It’s another helpful tool for Intellitonic and its clients, which include local businesses like the Community Food Co-op and The RE Store, as well as national clients like Living Non-GMO. The work done with national for-profits allows Intellitonic to pay the bills while also being able to give back to Whatcom County, serving on local non-profit boards.

Bruner, a Meridian High School graduate, met Keller, the co-founder of local intelligence sales software Conversica, while working at Conversica. Bruner spent roughly five years in Chicago working for The Chicago Tribune and a digital marketing agency focusing on MBA programs. When Bruner was ready to return to Whatcom County, he, Keller, and Rambo, a Western MBA graduate and former project manager for international nonprofit SPIE, decided to form Intellitonic in 2016.

The company now has 11 employees, and in addition to digital marketing work, is expanding into software development. Their first product, Bruner says, will launch in about six months.

As for the eBook, Bruner says that clients who read it should follow up some of the other recommended resources for even more marketing prowess.

“An educated consumer is a powerful consumer,” he says. “That goes for us, too; we like working with people who understand what we’re saying, because there’s never any miscommunications. People truly understand the value of what they’re getting if they know the jargon.”


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