Pregnant or have Children and you have Questions? There’s an App for that

Local physician Meghan Duffie says Circle app supports you from pregnancy through teen years

Submitted by Providence Health Services

There are a million questions about pregnancy and parenting. One place to go for answers is the no-cost Circle app by Providence. There you can tap into a vast network of local Providence-approved resources and tools for moms and moms-to-be. From pregnancy through the teen years, Circle has answers to your questions about raising healthy kids.

Local physician Meghan Duffie says Circle app supports you from pregnancy through teen years
Local physician Meghan Duffie says Circle app supports you from pregnancy through teen years. Photo courtesy: Providence Health Services

Circle offers:

  • Articles with answers to your questions about pregnancy, babies and parenting
  • Breastfeeding support from videos and articles, and a guide to local resources
  • Information about classes and groups for new moms and moms with older children
  • A to-do checklist from Providence experts to guide you through every stage of pregnancy and motherhood
  • Health-tracking tools so you can update providers about your pregnancy and your growing child

And when you connect to MyChart through Circle, you receive appointment reminders for you and your children.

We sat down with Dr. Meghan Duffie of Providence Hawks Prairie Family Medicine and asked why her and her patients like the app.

Q: As a physician, how do you use Circle?

I recommend newly pregnant patients and parents peruse it. At clinic visits, we’ll go over any questions or concerns patients have after exploring it.

Q: What have some of your patients who have used Circle said about it?

They love it. One tip: when searching on the App Store, type in “Circle by Providence” not just Circle. That will help get you to the correct app quickly.

Q: Why should moms, moms-to-be use Circle?

It’s like having your doctor in your pocket whenever a parenting question arises. It is a resource center for doctor-approved articles on all the common questions parents/guardians ask us. It is great for tracking of baby movements, pregnancy weights and important vaccine recommendations.

For grade school parents the To Do List has helpful reminders from smartphone safety to homework plans and rule setting.

As kids become tweens and then teenagers, Circle App has great guidance on how to talk about commonly dreaded topics such as bullying, puberty, drugs and alcohol.

Q: Why should someone use this app over other pregnancy apps?

The Circle app has much more information beyond the typical week-by-week pregnancy growth information of many other apps. It offers insights in to the genes and chromosomes that are the blueprints of each of our babies, offers recipe ideas for eating healthy, and discusses possible effects of medications and anesthesia during labor.

Circle by Providence is free and easy to download. Go to the App Store to download Circle for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

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