Oly Events: Making Olympia a Destination one Event at a Time

Ashley McCabe Oly Events Birthday Party
Helping families celebrate special moments, like birthdays, is just one of many perks of starting Oly Events. Photo courtesy: Oly Events

Being a mom is hard work. Being an entrepreneur is also demanding, both mentally and physically, with long grueling hours. Neither are for the faint of heart. But being a successful business owner while maintaining a personal life, taking care of family, and giving to your community, well that is downright tough! Yet, Ashley McCabe, co-founder and creative director of Oly Events, accomplishes it all with flair.

Ashley McCabe Oly Events Family
Raising two young boys and launching a business is not for the faint of heart, but Ashley feels fortunate to have a place like Olympia to do it in.
Photo courtesy: Poppi Photography

Ashley grew up in Olympia and after returning with her spouse a few years ago to raise their two boys (now 5- and 2-years-old), it feels like relearning a new city. “So much has changed,” Ashley remarks, “and there is an exciting transformation underway.”

Regardless of whether you are a native Olympian or new to the area, you’ve likely noticed the development occurring across the community. New restaurants, condos, and businesses are springing up all over town. And it is all part of a huge revitalization movement taking place. One that Ashley is excited to be a part of.

“It is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Olympia, especially a female one,” Ashley explains. “This idea that you have to go to Seattle to host a lavish wedding or rejuvenate at the spa is no longer the case.” Olympia has seen a recent surge in female small business owners offering luxury experiences and services typically found in bigger cities right here at home.

The revitalization efforts inspired Ashley to launch Oly Events, a full-service, customizable event planning and coordination service. “Being a business owner allows me to participate in my kid’s day-to-day activities, while showing them me beyond being mommy,” she reflects. “I get to do what energizes me and demonstrate my commitment to something bigger.”

Ashley McCabe Oly Events Wreath Party Fundraiser
The Boys and Girls Club wreath fundraiser event is near and dear to Ashley. She prides herself on giving back to the community. Photo credit: Ashley McCabe

Thanks to the revitalization efforts of business owners like Ashley, Olympia is becoming a destination in and of itself. Ashley is working hard with other local vendors to create new experiences, taking advantage of the exploding local market. Ashley prides herself on identifying and building relationships with the not-as-well-known local venues and services to ensure a unique, organic experience for each of her clients.

The most important thing to consider when booking an event is having someone you can count on and trust. Someone that looks out for your best interest. Ashley is invested and committed to her family, her clients, and this community. Find out how Oly Events can help make your next event a stress-free success. Request a complimentary consultation via the Oly Events website. You can learn more and get inspired by some of Ashley’s latest work on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.


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