Buy a New Car, Get Season Tickets to White Pass at Bruce Titus Automotive

Bruce Titus Automotive
Every Bruce Titus customer who buys a new vehicle before the end of December receives two season passes to White Pass Ski Area.

One day recently as Courtney Titus was sitting in her office at Bruce Titus Automotive Group, a call came in. A customer had purchased a new vehicle a week earlier and his two season passes to White Pass Ski Area had just arrived in the mail. “He was so excited,” says Titus. “He planned to surprise his kids with them for coming ski season.”

For the past eight years the dealership has collaborated with White Pass, creating a partnership that benefits customers, employees and the resort itself. From the beginning of the ski season, typically around Thanksgiving, until the end of December, anyone who purchases a new vehicle through the company gets a pair of season passes. The tradition started as a byproduct of talking with their clients. “We noticed that more people were heading up the mountains,” says Titus. “White Pass draws a lot of people from the Olympia market because it’s just a two-hour drive.”

white pass
White Pass offers winter recreation for local families all season long.

When customers arrive at the ski area, they shouldn’t be surprised to run into Bruce Titus employees. On weekends throughout the season, the company runs promotions for various events, including a vehicle parked on the snow near the lodge that functions as a mobile ticket booth. “You can buy your lift tickets from the passenger side, the trunk, or the driver’s side,” says Titus. “We’re up there every single weekend.”

At the beginning of each season, White Pass conducts an auction to raise money for their Ski Patrol, an event Bruce Titus donates to annually. Representatives can also be found at the March Winter Carnival, a festive family affair that lasts a full weekend. “They do different clinics like ski racing for the kids,” says Titus. “There’s a snow sculpture contest and a big ice and snow castle for children to play on. That weekend brings up whole families, because they also have fireworks and live bands.”

For Bruce Titus employees, the partnership provides a great excuse to get outdoors during ski season. “We get to be out of the office and on the snow for a day,” says Titus. “Part of that partnership includes giving away tickets to our employees so they can take their families out and enjoy time in the mountains. It’s not always a fun time of year to get outdoors in Olympia when it’s rainy and blustery. We like being able to give back to our employees in a way that encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.”

white Pass
The annual Winter Carnival at White Pass is a huge draw for families, offering everything from ski racing and ice sculptures to the snow castle pictured here.

Customers also love receiving their passes, she observes. “The reaction we get is fantastic. People can’t wait to use them or give them out as presents during the holidays.” Part of the reason is the nature of White Pass, she believes. “There truly is something for everyone, whether you’re an avid skier or just starting out. Even if you don’t want to do any of the physical activities, you can still enjoy being at the mountain.”

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