Even without slippery sidewalks and wet roads, the world around us can be a dangerous place. Should you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney resulting from an automobile accident, slip and fall, animal attack, dangerous product, or other emergency, call Olympia’s Putnam Lieb Potvin for a free consultation.

Hiring an attorney can feel overwhelming, especially in the face of an injury. But reports show having a skilled professional on your side means greater experience accessing claims, ability to negotiate legal, insurance, and investigative red tape, and greater settlements upon resolution.

For 35 years, the Putnam Lieb Potvin team has actively advocated on behalf of injured persons in the courts and before the legislature in an effort to change the laws in favor of fairness and equity in the fields of workers compensation and personal injury. From offices conveniently located near downtown’s governmental corridor, they guide clients through every step in the often confusing legal process.

Though you traditionally have between one and three years to file an automotive accident or workers’ compensation claim, it’s important to seek council immediately. “Too often, injured individuals close doors to their recovery because of things they inadvertently say or do immediately after the accident.”

If you find yourself injured, review the following guidelines and complete the online enrollment packet for personal injury or workers compensation cases:

Consult an attorney as quickly as possible to discuss the claim and/or potential liability issues.

  1. Do not sign any documents without discussing it with your attorney first.
  2. Keep records of all out-of-pocket expenses like medications and transportation.
  3. Detail how the resulting injury impacts your day to day life.

Accidents happen and your first concern should be taking care of pressing medical issues. But once the dust settles, reach out to the staff at Putnam Lieb Potvin. They have your best interest at heart and strive to resolve your claim quickly and with dignity.

Call 360-754-7707 or visit their offices at 907 Legion Way SE.


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