Awesome RV Rolls Into 2015 with a New Name, New Features

olympia rv
Your next adventure starts with Awesome RV.


olympia rv
Awesome RV carries a variety of popular name-brand RVs like their flagship brand, Winnebago.

The start of the year is a great time to reinvent yourself. It is a time to make resolutions, set goals, and grow into the future. Awesome RV, formerly Uhlmann RV, is one local business that, after many years of success, was ready for some change, and has made it a goal in 2015 to rebrand itself with a new name and some exciting new features for its customers to look forward to.

After being a longtime trusted source for RV’s at its original Chehalis location, I-5 Car Group opened a second Uhlmann RV location in Olympia earlier last year. However, less than one year after opening a second location, Heidi Pehl and her experienced team decided it was time for a change and renamed both dealerships Awesome RV.

“Our name change will better differentiate ourselves from the competition and allow us to market ourselves in the manner in which we currently operate,” said Pehl. “Our customers are awesome, and our services are awesome. That is the message we want to convey to all of our customers and employees. We take great pride in continuing the Uhlmann family name for so long, but it is now time for a change to better meet our current business and carry us into the future.”

While rebranding both dealerships with a new name was a big change in itself, the new name is just one of the changes Awesome RV will see in 2015. What may excite customers locally in Olympia is the addition of a parts shop, which Awesome RV hopes to have fully open by March 1, 2015. Steve Lux, operations manager at Awesome RV, says everyday parts that need to get replaced over time, like electrical adapters, for instance, will soon be readily available at the Olympia store. “We have no problem hot shotting a part up [to Olympia] from our Chehalis location, but we really wanted to bring something to the Olympia market,” said Lux.

uhlmann rv olympia
Awesome RV carries a variety of campers and trailers in addition to their extensive RV selection.

Awesome RV’s Parts Manager, Clayton Webb, said he is excited about the new changes. “We wanted to do better and take things to the next level,” he explained. “People are upbeat about it.”

With a new name and exciting additions expected in 2015, there is one thing, however, that will not be changing: Awesome RV’s outstanding customer service. Dedicated to providing their customers with the best buying and post-sale experience offered anywhere, Awesome RV is proud to be a leader in their field.

While Awesome RV goes above and beyond to make each customer who visits its lots a satisfied RV owner, one big way that Awesome RV differentiates itself from the competition is by the way its customers are taken care of after the sale. By offering a one-stop-shop for all your RV’s service needs at Awesome RV’s Chehalis location, you know that your RV will be maintained and well cared for as long as you own the RV. And, you do not need to have purchased your RV from the Chehalis location to reap the benefits of Awesome RV’s service center. In fact, you do not even need to transport your RV to Chehalis, Awesome RV will do it for you. You can either drop your RV off at Awesome RV’s Olympia location, or, for more major jobs, Awesome RV will pick your RV up directly from your home. “If we get a call from an Olympia customer, we will go to their house and pick up their RV,” said Lux.

And, because Awesome RV is a one-stop-shop for just about any necessary maintenance or repairs, your RV will be in and out in no time at all. “You typically don’t see that in the RV industry,” Webb explains. “Usually you’re taking your RV into two different places to get the same work done. We have all the resources right here.”

Backed by an experienced and friendly sales and service staff and introducing some exciting new additions for 2015, Awesome RV is a trusted choice when buying a new or used RV. And, with spring just around the corner, it is a great time to start thinking about buying a new or used RV, or making upgrades to your existing one.

For more information about Awesome RV, check out their website here, give them a call at 888-870-8031, or visit their Olympia dealership located at the Olympia Auto Mall at 2015 Cooper Point Road Southwest.

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