Going through the Process of Picking out a Headstone with Lasting Touch Memorials

lasting touch memorials
When choosing a memorial for a loved one, there are critical questions to ask, guiding your choice.


Let’s face it, picking out a headstone is a strange activity. The process brings death front and center when we prefer it to stay out of view. Well, there is a silver lining and no, it’s not a ‘get out of jail’ free card – so to speak.

Helping guide you through this little bit of awkwardness is Tony Ward, owner of Lasting Touch Memorial in Yelm. He’s been in the death care industry for nearly 30 years. During this time he’s helped thousands of people pick the right memorial for a loved one or for themselves.

“First thing I do is ask people to visit a cemetery and look at the colors and designs to find what they want,” says Ward. Ward takes this information and comes up with a computerized sketch that usually takes ten days to put together.

Ward then goes over the sketch with the individual(s) to make sure everything is correct. He double checks names and dates but he also wants to be sure the images are correct and the wording is right. If everything is fine and Ward has the desired memorial in stock then installation can be completed in three weeks. If materials have to be ordered then the time frame expands to 90-120 days.

Of course there can be complications. Ward likes to do installations himself but some cemeteries only let in-house staff do this work. Inclement weather – such as snow or a hard freeze – can cause delay.  However, this isn’t a major concern for us in the Pacific Northwest.

This is just a quick overview of the process. To find out more call Tony Ward at 360-458-9070 or visit the Lasting Touch website.

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